00376 The Magical Power of Controlling the Weather
00376 The Magical Power of Controlling the Weather
No. 00376
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Group Meditation
Event date / 19880612
Place / Chiayi,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 50
Publication No. / CD-MP3-CG01
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What’s the difference between the magical power, which can summon the wind and rain and the Quan Yin Method? Supreme Master Qing Hai points out that there are many methods for spiritual practice, it takes a long time for the practitioners to be able to summon the wind and rain. It’s not that easy. All methods need painstaking-practice, except the Quan Yin Method which does not need too much effort, but can help us get the greatest power. Magic belongs to the Three Worlds, and needs materials within the Three Worlds to realize the supernatural power. The practice of Quan Yin Method goes beyond the Three Worlds. We shouldn’t owe anything to the Three Worlds, so we shouldn’t use the magical power.

Master’s blessings are different from magical powers. The action of blessing is done without any intention; just like watching flowers and wiping our faces, there’s no differentiation in it at all. The magical power, however, needs the exertion of force, which is tiresome and not quite useful. Summoning the wind and rain even for one day only would be so tiresome and of not much help, without bearing any karma for the sentient beings. But it also creates a kind of karma, karma of intervening natural operation, getting into the system of cause and effect as well as the system of nature. Therefore, this karma is very grave and cannot be cleansed.

The omnipotent power within us is able to manifest as Buddha, even though He looks the same as our outside appearance, but is actually our true self nature. Therefore, Master is not somebody else’s physical body, but our true self nature. We cannot understand this because we haven’t practiced spiritually. We think Master is someone else, and that Master scolds us because she is angry. It’s not the case. In fact, it is because our own karma comes out and cleanse itself. That’s why we say all is created by the mind. We should know clearly that everyone is Buddha. The outer situation can reflect our feelings and inner qualities. There’s no someone else creating troubles for us. All comes from ourselves, so we shouldn’t blame anyone or any situation.


(Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lectures do not contain the complete meditation instruction. Please do not try it alone or teach others.)