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Video-0779(1.2) Springtime Folk Songs
Sing with Supreme Master Ching Hai and disciples as we celebrate this special time, the coming of the golden New Year atop misty Hsihu Mountain. Filled with love and joy for all creation, we sing together songs of springtime, spiritual songs, patriotic songs and songs ..(more)
Video-0780 The Dogs and the Birds in My Life
This is a record of the loving moments that Supreme Master Ching Hai spent with the lovely doggies and beautiful birdies adopted and cared for by her. With abundant mutual understanding and love, their life is full of warmth and joy, as if living in Heaven! The dogs ..(more)
Video-0781 Always Keep a Pure and Contented Heart
During the Chinese New Year, the Supreme Master Ching Hai told a Chinese folklore: A magnanimous poor scholar with a kind heart, who desired for nothing, yet at last he gained everything; on the contrary, a man practiced magical power wanting everything lost everything ..(more)
Video-0782 The Merits of Turning back to Goodness
During the 5-day retreat in Chinese New Year, the Supreme Master Ching Hai calls upon every one to protect this Earth together, and wishes that there will be world peace! Master refers to a recent report from United Nations which reveals that raising livestock is the ..(more)
Video-0783 All Through the Night God is Calling Us
In the past many Great Masters have written poetry to share their experiences with the Divine so as to awaken and inspire readers to seek for their own inner wisdom. One of these Masters was Rumi, a great mystic of Islam, once on earth about 1700 years ago. Like the ..(more)
Video-0784 Live and Let Live
Christmas was approaching and people were preparing to celebrate the birth of most compassionate one, Jesus Christ. By chance a beautiful wooly sheep, a buffalo, a goose, a loving pig, a chicken and a dog happened to overhear their so called caretakers, talking about ..(more)
Video-0785 Remember God in Our Heart, and Our Fate Will Improve
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Lecture: The most important thing after we die is not burying, or anything about the immobile body, but where our souls go. If we have not done anything good while alive, no matter how much paper money is burned, it won’t ..(more)
Video-0786(1.2) Media Interviews with Supreme Master Ching Hai : Journalist Ben Murnane, Published in the Irish Sunday Independent, James Bean of Spiritual Awakening Radio, Journalist Charles Norton for The House Magazine
Due to the rapid deterioration of the global climate situation, Supreme Master Ching Hai has devoted all her efforts to unveil the true causes of this global phenomenon and offers effective solutions to the world. This video/audio contains interviews by two European ..(more)
Video-0787(1.2) Enlightened Government Creating a Bright Future
In 1995, the then President of the Philippines, Fidel V. Ramos, granted permanent residence to around 5000 Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees, despite international pressure and the restrictive policies of repatriation followed by other countries at that time. This ..(more)
Video-0788 Back to Heaven with Peace
Supreme Master Ching Hai and association members dressed up grandly to attend and celebrate 2007 Chinese Lunar New Year with disciples from around the world at Hsihu, Formosa. She encouraged everyone, saying “So peace must be, because in peace we can rebuild countries; ..(more)
Video-0789(1.2) The Premiere of Supreme Master Ching Hai's books, The Noble Wilds, German and French Ed., and The Dogs in My Life, Polish Ed.
Which city has the most restaurants per capita population providing vegetarian meals? How does a small group with only five workers creatively launch a one day per week meat free campaign, which has become a fashion worldwide? What are successful examples of calling ..(more)
Video-0790 Yama Judges a Case
This video/audio contains three inspirational and moral stories told by Supreme Master Ching Hai. While the Quan Yin Bodhisattva is recognized by Buddhists, the Virgin Mary is venerated by Catholics. Therefore, who is “Quan Yin Maria”? The Supreme Master told the story ..(more)
Video-0791 Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment: (1) Be Veg, Go Green, Do Good; (2) The Only Refuge Is in the Virtuous Way of Living
During these two videoconferences with Association members, Supreme Master Ching Hai emphasized on the importance of adopting a virtuous way of life by being vegetarian, going green and doing good deeds. She said, if we do not take care of our moral standards and live ..(more)
Video-0793 A Simple and Noble Life
Casual conversations revealed the bits and pieces of selflessness of Supreme Master Ching Hai. Her daily meals consist of brown rice, mung beans and sesame only, so she can dedicate all her time and energy for the well-being of sentient beings. Her life is the great ..(more)
Video-0794 High Noble-Quality Countries
During this gathering, Supreme Master Ching Hai reveals five leading countries with the highest Noble Quality (NQ), explaining that NQ is a kind of inherent, natural expression. People who are noble by nature have a firm belief in God, and they remind each other of ..(more)