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Video-0972 The Spirit Catcher Ko Hsuan
In this video/audio, Supreme Master Ching Hai presents the stories of Ko Hsuan and Zen Master Te Shan. Through the story of Ko Hsuan, Supreme Master Ching Hai tells us that in this world, we can always be influenced by the negative force. Only by leading a moral ..(more)
Video-0974 Auspicious Locations for Leaders' New Headquarters––a Boon for World Peace
With a deep yearning for the world’s conflicts to subside, Supreme Master Ching Hai made urgent announcement and appealed to the world’s peace-seeking leaders and concerned fellow citizens, informing them of the auspicious places to re-locate their headquarters, ..(more)
Video-0975 A Cherished Time Between Master and Disciples
In one of several international gatherings presented on this video/audio, Supreme Master Ching Hai explained through a story about the Yellow Emperor of China that having a humble heart indicates we do not have an ego. She also reminded us that spiritual practice is ..(more)
Video-0976 The Importance of the Masters' Teachings
Why do enlightened Masters descend to this world all the time? Why should we follow the teachings of the Masters? In a gathering with Association members, Supreme Master Ching Hai explains that even if we come down to help the world through good deeds or spiritual ..(more)
Video-0977 The Tale of the Wayward Princess
In this gathering with International Association members, Supreme Master Ching Hai tells the story of Princess Zeshan. To uphold a principle of truth, the princess would rather be imprisoned than yield to her father the king. The story illustrates how Heaven decides ..(more)
Video-0978 The Tailor and the Two Zen Masters
This video/audio presents two Zen stories told by Supreme Master Ching Hai during a gathering with international Association members. The story, “The Tailor and the Two Zen Masters,” reveals that the main purpose of a koan is concentration, because only ..(more)
Video-0979 Anecdotes of Miraculous Wonders
On a beautiful summer's day, Supreme Master Ching Hai listened as fellow practitioners shared their miracle experiences. A five-year-old saint who saw Master’s manifestation body applying medicine to his wound assured his mother that she could go to an upcoming retreat ..(more)
Video-0981 Practice Diligently to Protect Yourself and Others
This video/audio presents the lectures of Supreme Master Ching Hai during two gatherings with international Association members in Hsihu, Formosa. The Supreme Master tells us that although we may not have a big temple to practice in, our body is the best temple and ..(more)
Video-0982 The Story of the Venerable "Cloth Bag"
Supreme Master Ching Hai shared with initiates a story of the cloth bag monk. This monk was always seen carrying a large cloth bag, and the question was often asked of him: "What does the bag have inside?" A poem by the cloth bag monk says, "I have a cloth bag/ ..(more)
Video-0983 A Story from Rumi: The Man Who Wanted to Learn the Language of Animals
In a joyful gathering and New Year celebration with international Association members, Supreme Master ChingHai shared jokes and other meaningful stories. Through Master Rumi’s tale about a person who wanted to learn animal languages, Supreme Master reminded us that ..(more)
Video-0984 Ringing in New Year with Beloved Master
In a celebration of the New Year, international Association members had a wonderfully memorable time with Supreme Master Ching Hai. To greet the lunar New Year of the Ox, fellow initiate attendees from around the world enjoyed a grand banquet with many delicious ..(more)
Video-0985 Sufi Teachings and the Extraordinary Nature of the Quan Yin Method
Why does someone with snakes inside not know this himself, and may even misunderstand a benefactor who is helping him be rid of the poison serpents? How could someone who cleans the chamber pots of other people every day not perceive the fragrance of Heavenly perfume? ..(more)
Video-0987 To Practice Spiritually Is to Be a Shining Example
Supreme Master Ching Hai encourages the association members to be a diligent and righteous spiritual practitioner. When doing any work, we should be honest to our own conscience, don't use that kind of cleverness, then we can move higher on our spiritual level. Master ..(more)
Video-0988 The Palace of God
This body is the Lord’s temple where the jewel of knowledge is revealed. Supreme Master Ching Hai quotes Guru Nanak‘s teaching to remind us, “The way to the palace of Light is through the human body, the mosque of the living God…” We need the human body to practice ..(more)
Video-0989(1.2) Love Conquers Everything
Supreme Master Ching Hai reminded us that when we are attached to this world, we have already fallen into the trap of illusion, or maya. People compete, make pressure and even wage war against each other to attain materialistic comfort. Many Masters throughout the ages ..(more)