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Video-1033 A Donkey Lesson: Use Every Second to Meditate
All animals can teach us some things. For example, donkeys we should learn their qualities. They utilize their time. They know how to manage their time. When it’s time for them to work, they work. When there is time to rest, they rest immediately. Otherwise they may ..(more)
Video-1034 Islam Is the Religion of Peace
Islam it means peace. Means the religion of peace. But some people do not follow the example of the Prophet and do not follow his teaching. Master shared some quotes about peace in the Quran, which is exactly the proof that Islam is the religion of peace. Most Muslim ..(more)
Video-1035 Challenges Train Us to Be More Enduring and Humble
Any suffering just try to endure. Just look at it as a challenge to train our personality to become more patient and humbler. If we have faith in God, everything will be good at the end. Everything is good for us anyhow. If it’s not good, then it is because of our bad ..(more)
Video-1036 We Have to Focus on the Positive Side
You have to focus on the positive side. Look at the sunny side. That’s how I go on living. Otherwise, there were times that if I had reacted to the things normally and didn’t think positively, I wouldn’t have been able to survive. There are pressures coming from all ..(more)
Video-1037 Our Real Job Is Meditation
If you have a job, or do anything for the world, you must meditate more, at least four hours, five hours, six hours. If you cannot do that, then you will be in trouble. Meditation is more important than anything else for you and for the world. If you can do your job ..(more)
Video-1038 Experience Downfall to Appreciate Upliftment
Just like you want your children to have also some freedom, so he can grow as one individual. That’s what creation is all about! It’s more colorful, more different, and people have to make their own choice. Wisely. Because God also gives us wisdom. If we don’t use our ..(more)
Video-1039 Always Be Mindful of Your Connection with the Divine
Everything you do always be mindful of your connection with the Divine. When you drink, you also thank the god of water. And thank the purifying angels to make your water clean and make it beneficial to you. When you eat some food, you thank all the fairies and gods ..(more)
Video-1040 Gratitude Toward the Whole Universe
Everything we do here, everything we have here, it should be a reminding of our gratitude toward the whole universe, for all the comfort, for all the creations that bless us, help us, sacrifice for us every day. Even whatever we do, we never do enough to repay all ..(more)
Video-1041 A Prayer for All Future Prophets
All the master suffered so much for all beings when they were alive, and after they died, they still besmeared their names, besmeared and massacred in their names. Humans are terrible. Maybe today we just have a good prayer for all the Prophets in the future, all the ..(more)
Video-1042 Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Diary of Divine Connections
Supreme Master Ching Hai shared the contents of Her spiritual diary: The Supreme Master revealed the mysteries of the sacred connection points, which can lead the Master to the "Spiritual Replenishment Treasure" of the universe and extract the necessary strength to ..(more)
Video-1044,1045 Nothing Is As It Seems
It’s all because of the disciples, so I became so famous. “Club goer,” “private beach comer,” “first-class hotel renter.” But I told my two assistants after I read the newspaper, I said, “Your names, both of you should be on the newspaper, not my name. Because the ..(more)
Video-1046,1047 Appreciate the Gift of Spiritual Life
This time it’s different. You should concentrate more inside, then you eat a lot, a lot of blessing power because I brought a lot down. But you have to tune in, really have to be sincere and really trust what I told you, then you will have just the way she has. Perhaps ..(more)
Video-1048(1.2.3) The Joy of Homecoming:  Master's Rediscovery of the Original Universe
During the Lunar New Year 2014, Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed a precious secret of the Universe that she had discovered in her deep meditation : the Original Universe, the Source of all Creation. In the Original Universe, the Supreme Master is respectfully ..(more)
Video-1049(1.2) From the Original Universe to Our World: True Love Never Changes
When we look at this world with our soul, all things are sparkling inside with love and wisdom. They are all doing their job, beautifying the world inhabited by human beings and at the same time blessing it. Supreme Master Ching Hai conveyed another meaning for "Tim ..(more)
Video-1050(1~5) Be Noble, Think Noble and Want Only God
How does the entire universal system work? How long does it take for Tư Quơ, the Youth Universes, to mature? How are beings in Tư Quơ created? Where is the vortex located in our Shadow Universe? Why does the Shadow Universe spread so quickly? The Supreme Master Ching ..(more)