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Video-1051(1.2.3) Be Forgiving and Merciful
Is the maturing of more Tư Quơ the only way to restore balance to the universes? In this videoconference, Supreme Master Ching Hai again shed more light on the many mysteries of Ihôs Kư and the shining Pusu language. What are the classes of angels? What can we do to ..(more)
Video-1052(1.2) Be Forgiving and Merciful:  Master’s Diary
In her loving gesture to fulfill fellow initiates’ expressed wish to know more about her daily life and meditation, Supreme Master Ching Hai made a special phone call to Supreme Master Television to further share entries from her spiritual diary. Apart from the great ..(more)
Video-1053 Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Plea to Protect the Cape Fur Seals
Accepting an invitation from the organization Seal Alert to speak on behalf of endangered Namibian seals, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke via video message in a plea for their protection from slaughter. The word Namib means "shield," and Supreme Master thus expressed ..(more)
Video-1054 Provide Spiritual Education for Our Children
As the Bible says, "Seek you first the Kingdom of God, and all things shall be added unto you." Supreme Master Ching Hai emphasizes that we should teach children from a young age about moral standards and the importance of searching for the Kingdom of God because if we ..(more)
Video-1055 The Merits of Sincere Offerings to the Buddha
During this talk Supreme Master Ching Hai tells a story from the Buddhist sutras about a boy who made sincere offerings to the Buddha. The boy, who lived in the city of Savatthi, was extremely poor but became a servant so that he could earn money to make offerings ..(more)
Video-1056 Take Eco-Action to Protect Our Planet
During this international gathering, Supreme Master Ching Hai and Association members spoke fervently about how to be environmentally friendly and how to put ideas into practice to help the Earth. The Supreme Master shared many resource-saving insights such as using ..(more)
Video-1057 Sharing Precious Buddhist Stories: “The 500 Merchants and The Benevolent Layman”
Not officially become a monk but your heart, becomes detached from whatever is not permanent in this world. Detached from whatever is not conducive to your spiritual elevation. Then, you will also gradually or quickly become Arhat or even higher, Buddha. Apart of ..(more)
Video-1058 Buddhist Stories: “The Buddha’s Past Life and His First Five Disciples”
What are the benefits a group of happy spiritual practitioners can bring to the world? In response to this question, Supreme Master Ching Hai says, "The wavelengths of the happy group are very, very good for the environment and good for the people because this is a ..(more)
Video-1059 Buddhist Stories: “The Merits of Saving a Life”
Master was very happy to hear that China’s improved a lot now. She encouraged everybody that when we practice well, the atmosphere in our surroundings will also change. Our country will change. On a large scale, the world will change. On an even large scale, the ..(more)
Video-1060 Buddhist Stories: The Merit of Charity and Keeping The Five Precepts & Brahma Asks for Dharma
I promised you to talk about the fish. There was a rich person. He was very, very rich but he had no son. So, both of them, husband and wife went all over every possible worshiping area to plea for a son. Because of their sincerity, she gave birth to a son, finally. ..(more)
Video-1060-3 Buddhist Stories: Brahma Asks for Dharma
Because the Brahma King knew very well that Buddha really did not want to stay on this planet. The beings here were so stubborn, so covered with ignorance and wrong concepts, so very difficult to teach. So, He just looked around in the whole world and feeling that it ..(more)
Video-1061-1 The Prophecy of Master Peter Deunov
“He lived until 1944; and was a being of a very high level of consciousness, at the same time, an incomparable musician that gave during His whole life an example of purity, wisdom, intelligence, and creativity. For years He was established close to Sofia where He ..(more)
Video-1061-3 The Real Love
It’s like this. She said that the whole Taipei disciples were very happy because they made a screening of The Real Love. And then seven o’clock, they screened. But five o’clock, already many kilometers of the queue were waiting outside. And then at seven o’clock they ..(more)
Video-1062 The Eight Vegan Ways of Buddhist Life
I guess at that time the Buddha had gone, so there is no initiation left, no successor, only this teaching. So that was all they could have. And in order to be born in a better life, a better status in Heaven or on Earth, you practice some of this way of either ..(more)
Video-1063 Vegan Trends Around the World
The vegetarian (vegan) trend is reported everywhere. "7-Eleven has quietly switched to vegan mayo." Wow! “Just Mayo, Hampton Creek Foods backed by VC (venture capital) firm Khosla Ventures, Bill Gates, and Li Ka-shing, richest man in Asia, have secured total funding ..(more)