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Video-1108 Buddhist Stories: "King Pasenadi of Kosala"
The Supreme Master Ching Hai tells the Buddhist story “King Pasenadi of Kosala,” in which a king has an enormous appetite. Because he cannot overcome his drowsiness caused by excessive eating, the king is unable to quiet down even in front of the Buddha. Thus the ..(more)
Video-1109 Buddhist Stories: Great-Wealth the Treasurer’s Son
Supreme Master Ching Hai tells a Buddhist story of “Great Wealth.” “Great Wealth” was the name of a treasurer’s son. Due to inheritance, “Great Wealth” and his wife were incredibly wealthy. But the young husband was tempted by rogues to begin indulging in drinking. ..(more)
Video-1110 Buddhist Stories: "The Lotus Root"
We should treasure virtues above all. And we should try to adhere to spiritual practice more than anything on earth, because that is the lasting treasure, the lasting thing we could keep. Nothing else in this world we will be able to keep, nothing. Not even this body, ..(more)
Video-1112 The Love of a Living Master Reaches All Beings
During a brief sojourn in Hong Kong, Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously met with Association Members. At the gathering, Master stated that she was very impressed with Hong Kong’s development despite the fact that it is a small and densely populated island. Master also ..(more)
Video-1113 Turn Within to Progress Spiritually
In this video/audio, Supreme Master Ching Hai discusses her recent experiences in Hong Kong, praising its people for being extremely kind and helpful. While in the region she was especially touched by a happy, contented blind person who made his living by selling items ..(more)
Video-1114 Stay in Constant Contact with the Inner Master Power
Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously visited Formosa’s (Taiwan) Taipei Center, bringing boundless joy and happiness to the Association members there! Supreme Master cheerfully talked about a variety of topics: the Formosan (Taiwanese) traditional snack, “stinky tofu”; ..(more)
Video-1150 Unification Through Heavenly Melody – A Video Conference Between Supreme Master Ching Hai and Aulacese (Vietnamese) Artists
The artist are the ones who bring a lot of mental and physical comfort, a lot of happiness, a lot of joy, to the people in this world, whose creative contributions are essential for the advancement of society and world peace. On January 20, 2018, a vibrant celebration ..(more)
Video-1152 The Reality of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Retreats
And also during retreats, ideas come, then problems that have not been solved can be solved, inside or outside. All kinds of stuff to do. I have many notes for you, because in retreat I cannot call you, I cannot tell you too many of these things, except urgent things ..(more)
Video-1153 Keep the Mind Pure and Clean When Serving the Public
Just want to remind you that you keep yourselves clean. I mean not outside only, but inside. Outside we can clean with water, but inside you must always remember you purpose, noble purpose, because nothing else is better. Everything here is transient anyway. Even ..(more)
Video-1154 Cosmos Unification and Universal Peace through Real Unconditional Love
The cosmos united, and when the cosmos united then peace will come. But before the cosmos untied there has to be a great force of love, true love, real love that makes it happen. It takes one with sincerity and spiritual power to do that. It has to be real love, ..(more)
Video-1155 Everlasting Love and Protection from a True Master
And you will be very, very happy from today on, because you will see your life for the better, all the time, all the time. Not just one day, two days, but every day. Every day is new for you. Every day is a wonder, is miracles. Every day is a miracle. Every day is ..(more)
Video-1156 The Real Ashram Is Inside Us
Of course it’s nice if we have an ashram, but if not, we can still practice spiritually. The ashram is inside us, and Master is also inside us, so don’t worry if we don’t have any properties. Our homes are also our own ashrans. As long as we have a tranquil mind, a ..(more)
Video-1157 Speed Up Our Planet’s Improvement and Evolution with DiZ Divinenity Powers
Some retreat is more restrict like you cannot even call on the phone. Because there are some rules like that in the different retreats it’s like that. Other retreats I have constant conferences with the different Heavens and dimensions and constant working with them. ..(more)
Video-1158 Tim Qo Tu’s Energy-Embedded Stones for World Peace
“In fact for eons, for peace, for love, for enlightenment of humankind, and for liberation of all beings.” For some hundred years or some thousand years ago, because Tim Qo Tu wanted peace for this world so much; so She embedded some molecules, special in some stones, ..(more)
Video-1159 Supreme Master Ching Hai Day Is to Celebrate Every Unconditional Goodness
The reason I wish everyone and the world and the universe a good Ching Hai Day, is because it’s a good thing. It’s a good thing to celebrate. The Ching Hai Day is not only my day. It’s your day. It’s everyone’s day. Everyone that did something good to your neighbors, ..(more)