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Video-0656 Spirituality Shines in Adversities
Because after disasters, we tend to become more spiritual. It is sad, but at least in the thorny bush, we have roses. Similarly, in the latest event, we have war in Kosovo. And people tend to become closer together, more loving, more ..(more)
Video-0658 One World of Peace through Music
This spectacular benefit musical gathering featured celebrities and stars from the worlds of Hollywood film and TV music, classical music, traditional Irish music and rock and roll. The event highlighted musical interpretations of Supreme Master Ching Hai's ..(more)
Video-0662 Face Life with Courage
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lecture: Spirituality has two aspects: one is theory, and the other is practice. The theoretical aspect is what introduces us to God, Heaven, bliss, everlasting life and "seeing God while living." For example, it's just like I ..(more)
Video-0665(1,2) Halloween Weekend with Supreme Master Ching Hai
In this joyous and festive occasion, Master teaches us that fun and relaxation are important in our spiritual lives. She also patiently and gracefully answers questions from disciples explaining that we have two choices in life: to stand up with firmness or to submit ..(more)
Video-0665A Pacifying the Mind
We can go to Heaven, come back, go to Heaven and come back again. But we don't go with the physical body. We go with the spirit. We can consciously leave this physical temple for a while, and go contact the spirits in a spiritual world with our same spirit like their ..(more)
Video-0667 Be a Torchbearer for God
Many people ask me all the time: "What happens when we die?" and I always say, "I haven't died yet so I don't know." But we can experience the feeling of death during our deepest prayers or contemplation. When we're in deepest prayer, we're oblivious to all our ..(more)
Video-0668 The Invisible Passage Way
In order to experience physical existence as we do now, we, as God before, when we were in Heaven, and one with God, as God, have created time and space in this planet, in this physical existence, so that we can experience separation from God, so that we can reunite ..(more)
Video-0670 Our Perfect Nature
I'm grateful to be here with you, among beautiful people. It's just that sometimes you don't know how beautiful you are. You try to pretend to be stupid, to be bad, but you're nice, you're really perfect. Nothing you do can change your perfection. One day ..(more)
Video-0671 To Be Enlightened
I don't do anything physical to you during initiation. In fact, I don't even have to be at the place of initiation because God will do everything through this office. So wherever the office is, it's all right because God's power is very strong. It's ..(more)
Video-0675 Sharing Songs over a Warm Fire
The most simple and sublime moments of peace and spirituality are often shared together with family and friends, blissfully united with God singing songs of love, legends, and lore passed down through the generations. Love, happiness, and ..(more)
Video-0676 Parliament of the World's Religions
This video consists of five inspiring parts: 1.Opening ceremony of the Parliament of the World’s Religions: The sincere, solemn and graceful prayers of great masters from various religions, along with those from Supreme Master Ching Hai, bring ..(more)
Video-0677 The Smile of an Angel
You are really fine, as long as you follow the instructions at the initiation and meditate every day to nurture your soul, that is all you need to do, nothing else is important! These bad habits are all the outside appearance, it is not your Self! You never have other ..(more)
Video-0680 Beyond the Emptiness of Existence
Supreme Master Ching Hai lovingly explains to Her attentive initiates the concept of entering a different dimension of existence. Many spiritual practitioners experience the separation of the body from all feelings, often called "emptiness of existence". ..(more)
Video-0681 The Heart of A Child
Kids, they are so innocent. They have no criticizing attitude, nothing like that in their minds .They just love beauty ,whether inside or outside. They just enjoy whatever is pleasant to their eyes and their senses and their souls. They have no critical mind, ..(more)
Video-0685 Concentration on Work: A Way of Spiritual Practice
If we have extremely intense inner experiences during meditation that cause bodily stress, how should we handle this condition? How should spiritual practitioners regard "engagement in worldly affairs according to affinity," or should they ..(more)