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Video-  The Surangama Sutra: The Demonic States of the Form and Feeling Skandhas (2018.12.26)
So, when you practice the Tao, or the Truth, or the Dharma, the Way, you will encounter ten kinds of samadhic experiences from inside. And then you may mistake these for some ultimate enlightenment. And thus, some of the demons who are correspondent to your state of ..(more)
Video-  The Surangama Sutra: The Demonic States of the Thinking Skandhas (2018.12.28)
You can see many different religious orders, people copy the Masters and do all kinds of rituals and all kinds of ways, just to entrap people in there and make them busy with just rituals; useless, all kinds of useless things, wasting their time and obstructing them ..(more)
Video-  The Surangama Sutra: The Four Clear and Unalterable Instructions on Purity (Conclusion) & Establishing a Place for Awakening (2018.12.24)
The precepts are very important, not only for nuns and monks, but for you as well, if you want to be liberated while you are taking care of your duties in the world according to your karma. Not everyone can be nuns and monks, of course. It's a very difficult ..(more)
Video-  The Surangama Sutra: The Four Clear and Unalterable Instructions on Purity - Refrain from Lust and Killing (2018.12.22)
If you are working very well, diligently at home, and taking care of yourself and your family well, I also am very, very, very grateful, because that means I don’t have to worry about you. That means society has better helpers, to make it more beautiful, livable, and ..(more)
Video-  The Surangama Sutra: The Four Clear and Unalterable Instructions on Purity - Refrain from Stealing and Lying (2018.12.23)
In the old times, they don’t have these kinds of industrialized animal farms. They don’t confine them into little cages until they could move no more and all that. And still the Buddha said, “No.” Not to talk about nowadays, they just abuse them and force them until ..(more)
Video-  The Surangama Sutra: The Origin of Demonic States (2018.12.25)
If we have some reverent beings, we have to treat them nicely. You must know. I always tell you, a long time already, so you do always the same. The monks and nuns sit somewhere separate, as separate as possible. We have to protect them, protect their purity, for you. ..(more)
Video-  “United Peaceful World” Celebration in Korea (2019.04.03)
The 2nd International Artist Day was grandly celebrated by the Korean people, symbolizing a harmonious world. On March 17, 2019, the last day of a 5-day “United Peaceful World” Art Exhibition, a livestream was held with our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai as special ..(more)
Video- A Blissful Reunion in Hsihu, the 2019 Lunar New Year Celebration (2019.02.03)
Lunar New Year is one of the most important holidays in many Asian countries. On this auspicious occasion, our Association members from around the world gathered in Hsihu, Taiwan, also known as Formosa, to celebrate with our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai and to ..(more)
Video- A Jubilant Celebration of Supreme Master Ching Hai Day (2019.02.24 B)
You came just for Gift. I don’t always have Gift for you. Why you ask so many things from me? Just initiation is good enough already. I appreciate your willingness to work for Supreme Master Television and for the world. That is very good. Your intention is good enough ..(more)
Video- A Vegan Feast with Supreme Master Ching Hai and Village Chiefs of Miaoli, Taiwan (Formosa) (2019.08.11, 08.18)
Video- A Warm Gathering with Working Staff (2019.05.01)
Just chat, chat, chat with the workers. They have been working very hard. Because if there are too many people, then they cannot come in. they just stand next to the fence somewhere waiting, waving. So, today, I let them be the first. I’ve never known one Iranian to ..(more)
Video- Animals’ Unconditional Love for Supreme Master Ching Hai (2020.03.30)
Video- Be Humble All the Time (2019.03.17)
The dog knows nothing else but love. Because when you’re with animals, you just feel so lovely and you feel happy and you don’t want anything else. We could spend time with animals forever. They are so beautiful. They’re so pure. Thank you very much for coming to the ..(more)
Video- Being Alone Brings Concentration and Happiness (2019.04.04)
The more stuff we have, the more troublesome it becomes. We have to wipe and to clean it, and worry about it getting taken away by others; worry about thieves. If we have nothing, then we have nothing to worry about. If we have little and cherish what we have, it will ..(more)
Video- Celebrating the Sacred Motherhood (2019.05.12)