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Video-1179 The Surangama Sutra: The Influence of Demons on Spiritual Practitioners Greedy for Immortality
Video-20180216 Lunar New Year Celebration with Our Association Members
Video-20180513 In Gratitude to Mothers’ Boundless Love
I give thanks to all the mothers. I thank all the mothers everywhere in the world and in the universes, for giving a chance for the enlightened Masters to come to our world and other worlds to enlighten us, to bless the planets, and to bring happiness, improvement, ..(more)
Video-20180705 Keep Replenishing Our Protection Power and Be Unconditional
Here is the best for you. Outside maybe you earn a lot of money but then you will spend a lot also, sweating around just for something; not as good as here. Here you are working to spread the good teaching. That’s the best merit. If you don’t believe me, you ask the ..(more)
Video-20180823 Eating Fruit and Vegetables for Optimum Health
Video-20181126 Eating Fresh Food During the Best Times Is Important for Spiritual Practitioners
Video-20181219 Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Newly Created Spiritual Land for the Worthy
Video-20181222 The Surangama Sutra: The Four Clear and Unalterable Instructions on Purity - Refrain from Lust and Killing
Video-20181223 The Surangama Sutra: The Four Clear and Unalterable Instructions on Purity - Refrain from Stealing and Lying
Video-20190124 A Glimpse into Tim Qo Tu’s New Spiritual Domain
Video-20190221 The Right Balance of Inner Heavenly Light and Sound Meditation Brings Spiritual Progress
You have to regulate the energy. You have to let the energy go all the way up to the third-eye, and then the crown chakra on top of your head. Otherwise, if you don’t meditate enough on the Sound, then the energy is stuck somewhere else. Maybe it’s stuck in the solar ..(more)