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Video-1193A “Awakening Through Art” – The 2ndInternational Artist Day Celebration in Mongolia
In commemoration of the 2nd International Artist Day which falls on April 3 as declared by Supreme Master Ching Hai, our Mongolian Association members hosted a grand concert entitled “Awakening Through Art” in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar featuring a dazzling array ..(more)
Video-1194 Happy Children’s Day - ”Where Are the Bottles?”
Happy Children's Day! You (adults) always ask a lot of questions but kids never ask. Now I want to ask kids a question. Did you behave well? Yes! Another question. Did you practice spiritually? If you are initiated, have you been meditating? (Yes!) Good. If you are not ..(more)
Video-1195 Being Alone Brings Concentration and Happiness
The more stuff we have, the more troublesome it becomes. We have to wipe and to clean it, and worry about it getting taken away by others; worry about thieves. If we have nothing, then we have nothing to worry about. If we have little and cherish what we have, it will ..(more)
Video-1196 The Surangama Sutra: Twenty-five Means to Enlightenment, Session One
The Buddha asked them, “‘Which method has brought you enlightenment to begin with?’” So, one by one, they will tell the Buddha now. Not all Quan Yin method. Actually, when the Buddha was alive, He taught quite a few methods. And Patanjali, one of the great Indian ..(more)
Video-1197 The Surangama Sutra: Twenty-five Means to Enlightenment, Session Two (2019.04.05)
Yesterday, I was talking about the fourth meditation method with the two Kings of Medicine, plus the 500 other Brahma gods, who are also helping with the healing process. Any healing things, any healing process or power, mostly came from the Three Worlds, because it is ..(more)
Video-1198 The Surangama Sutra: Twenty-five Means to Enlightenment, Session Three (2019.04.06)
Saripurtra, “‘The Buddha asks about perfect penetration. As I have been certified to it, for the mind and the seeing to emit Light and for the Light to reach throughout knowing and seeing is the foremost method.’” So, I think he meditated on the (inner Heavenly) Light ..(more)
Video-1199 The Surangama Sutra: Twenty-five Means to Enlightenment, Session Four
Everything is about us, us, us. You have to turn it around. That’s why I teach them to offer to the Buddhas before they eat, not ask for something all the time. Turn around. Offer something. Be thankful. Always “bless it, give it, give me, give me.” That’s wrong. Now, ..(more)
Video-1200 The Surangama Sutra: Twenty-five Means to Enlightenment, Session Five
So, if you're united together, helping each other, that's good enough. Other countries, they're OK or not OK; we cannot control them. Just be together, connect to each other, helping each other, honestly, sincerely, respectfully. Then everything will be fine. Nothing ..(more)
Video-1201 The Surangama Sutra: Twenty-five Means to Enlightenment, Session Six
The Buddha said that He wanted to cause Ananda to become enlightened. So, He asked Manjusri to contemplate all the 25 Arhats, irreversible Arhats, non-returnable Bodhisattvas, that told you 25 methods. "Could you explain it to Ananda and the assembly and the beings ..(more)
Video-1202 The Great Benefit of Having Retreats
These are only for the dead people who suffer in hell or in some unfavorable realm. If difficult to take care, during retreat, can take care. So, all together, it’s about 731,114,123 souls. This also has some part of yours in it, so I could tell you, I guess. They’re ..(more)
Video-1205 Happy United Korea Peace Celebrations
Video-1206 A Warm Gathering with Working Staff
Just chat, chat, chat with the workers. They have been working very hard. Because if there are too many people, then they cannot come in. they just stand next to the fence somewhere waiting, waving. So, today, I let them be the first. I’ve never known one Iranian to ..(more)
Video-1207 The Golden Age Is the Elevation of Souls
Video-1207A Qualities of A Good Husband
Video-1208 Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Diary: The Living Masters Can Liberate All redeemable Souls
I'm going to read you some of my diary today. All this information came from when I meditated. For example, why Shakyamuni Buddha had to refer to Amitabha Buddha in order to save one of His followers in jail. And she was in jail and she was praying to Shakyamuni Buddha ..(more)