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Video-0477 The Secret of the Pyramids
Many people always threaten the so-called true spiritual practitioners. If you do not practice the true method, it is perfectly all right. If you teach the casual meditation, everyone praise you. If you practice the real path, you are finished. You have to start to ..(more)
Video-0477A Purity And Kindness Are The Keys To Receiving Grace
There is a method to heal all diseases, which is meditating and loving others. Just these two things. If we sit there all the time and worry about our own sickness and our own mood, then the more we worry about ourselves, the sicker we get. The more we take care of our ..(more)
Video-0484 Educate Your Children in a Logical & Truthful Way
Anybody has become a Buddha? Why are you laughing? Buddha business is very serious. It’s no joke. No, you haven’t become Buddha yet? Take so long? What? (Not everything...) Not yet? What? (Everybody is a Buddha.) Everybody is a Buddha? “Āmítuófó.” All right. OK, ..(more)
Video-0488 A King with a Lot of Desires
With Supreme Master Ching Hai’s infinite wisdom and grace, disciples are continuously humbled by her unparalleled teachings. In this entertaining lecture to disciples, the Supreme Master tells a story about a king with many desires that inevitably led him to great ..(more)
Video-0493 Appreciate the Value of Initiation
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture: Only when we are sincere, will God bring us to the path that is suitable for us. After we have found that path we must be careful not to seek blessings from any other source, since they will lower our spiritual ..(more)
Video-0497 We Are Always Together
Is enlightenment related to a person's character, virtues or shortcomings? Why were there so many "Zen enigmas" exchanged between masters and disciples in ancient times? What is the hidden meaning behind these stories? What is the difference between "theoretical ..(more)
Video-0500 Taoist Teachings from the Book of Lieh Tzu
Video-0501 The Way of Family Harmony
Will the success or failure of our marriage have an impact on our spiritual path? What should we do to let our spouse feel that he/she is loved and respected? What can we do to protect our marriage and let both parties grow toward Truth, goodness and beauty? What can ..(more)
Video-0512 How to Practice in the Complicated Society
How can we stay in the present complex society to benefit people as much as possible, while still preserving our purity of heart? To elaborate on this point, Supreme Master Ching Hai tells a story about a prime minister in ancient China named Guan ..(more)
Video-0513 The Best Way to Beautify Yourself
What can we learn about the demeanor of a spiritual practitioner from the story of Guan Zhong and Bao Shu-ya? When Master says we should wear "beautiful clothes," what kinds of clothes is She referring to? How did Master ..(more)
Video-0516 The Key to Success
On this cheerful Sunday, Supreme Master Ching Hai encourages us to fulfill our daily duties and try our best to help others with her own experiences and inspiring Buddhist stories. Master says the secret for a successful endeavor is to do things ..(more)
Video-0549 The Mark of a Great Saint
Master cites the story of a great saint in teaching us that true saints, while pure and holy, are totally unaware of their own holiness and greatness. Long ago, when Master made Her first religious vow in Germany, She burned a bunch of incense sticks, all of which ..(more)
Video-0560 Each Soul is the Master
What is the mission and purpose of each soul that comes into the world? How does the soul choose its own path? Why do some souls lead free and easy lives while others choose to suffer and go through countless predicaments? ..(more)
Video-0562 The God Consciousness Is in Everything
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture:c We humans look alike with some very basic instinct, but we develop differently even though we are all Buddhas, and we have Buddha nature. There's nothing but Buddha inside you and around you. Just like a cup put ..(more)
Video-0567 Three Fundamental Issues in Life
Once upon a time, there was a King who was perplexed by three questions. What is the best time to do something? Who are the most important partners? What is the most important thing to do? The King believed that if he knew the right answers to all these, then he would ..(more)