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Video-0810 Heaven's Loving Support
In order to teach humankind a nobler way of life, a Great Master's life sometimes mirrors worldly living. However, appearing like the ordinary and living alongside the people have a different purpose: To teach the masses through a shining example. Supreme Master ..(more)
Video-0813(1.2) Restoring the Planet through Constructive Work
The past and the present are more closely related than most people realize. Supreme Master Ching Hai, in this loving exchange with disciples, explains the many similarities between the Essenes – the ancient White Brotherhood community which is also known to have ..(more)
Video-0820 Kabir and the True Spirit of Sainthood
In this loving gathering, Supreme Master Ching Hai read a poem written by Saint Kabir. Master encouraged us that everyone can be a Saint. She said, “There’s no mystical thing about being a saint. Nothing at all! Just truly your desire for God, that’s it. That’s the ..(more)
Video-0821 Rise Above Death
Supreme Master Ching Hai walks us through the understanding of the deep poetic truths that are locked in the scriptures of the ancient gurus—in this case the Indian poet Kabir. It is within these teachings that we can begin to comprehend the infinite value of the ..(more)
Video-0828 Changing the World with Love
In this video/audio, Supreme Master Ching Hai tells a story about a wealthy prince who renounced the world and explains that attaining enlightenment is not determined by one’s wealth, position or background. Whoever sincerely seeks the Truth will likely develop oneself ..(more)
Video-0830 The Way of the Sufis
In this video/audio, Supreme Master Ching Hai told two Islamic stories. “The Gnat and the Elephant” is a simple, interesting, funny story with a profound spiritual theme. As explained by the Supreme Master, the ego makes us feel that we are so important and it makes ..(more)
Video-0859 A Taoist Tale of Longevity
True longevity does not mean everlasting state of the physical body. It means to overcome the law of physics in this world and transcend material things, overcome the ego, free one’s self nature and elevate spirituality to enter “eternal life.” At any era, practice ..(more)
Video-0868 The Wise Saints—Nasrudin and Rumi's Poems
At an International gathering in 2008, Supreme Master Ching Hai told stories about the Wise Mullah Nasrudin and parables from the poems of Rumi. During her talk she answered the following questions: "Why did Mullah Nasrudin choose money over wisdom in the face of the ..(more)
Video-0879 The Gratitude of a Fox
At this special gathering with Association members in Europe, Supreme Master Ching Hai illustrates that if everyone chooses an organic vegan diet, it not only benefits everybody and uplifts the mind, but it is also an action of filial piety and patriotism. The Earth ..(more)
Video-0886 When We Pray Alone
In this video/audio, Supreme Master Ching Hai shares the ancient wisdom of different cultures while reading a Chinese tale, “The Immortal in Sheep’s Clothing.” According to the story, Zho Chi is an immortal who has mastered magical arts. However, Cao Cao, ..(more)
Video-0887 Trust in God to Provide What We Need
During this international seminar, Supreme Master Ching Hai recites beautiful readings from the biblical Psalms of David in celebration of Christmas. The message is clear: trust in God to provide us with what we need. Whatever situation we are given, we should ..(more)
Video-0891 We are Originally Pure
Have you ever dreamed of living forever? Supreme Master Ching Hai tells us that originally, this human body was an extraordinary design which was well-equipped with everything, light, brightness, and love. It can rejuvenate itself and last for even 80,000 years! ..(more)
Video-0895 Legends of the Rainbow Lady
Supreme Master Ching Hai told Chinese legends of Mazu, the Ninth Fairy, and the Rainbow Lady with humorous explanation. Through the stories, we learn the influence of our ego, karma, original sin and the real meaning of immortality. The Supreme Master also expressed ..(more)
Video-0901 Without Hope or Fear
This Video/Audio contains three different gatherings between Supreme Master Ching Hai and Association members in 2008. Spiritual stories, jokes and practical advice given by the Supreme Master on how to spread the vegan message create a very relaxing and loving ..(more)
Video-0902 The Legend of Taoists
What does immortality mean? How did Taoist Master Zhang Daoling and the King of Huainan, Liu An, make an elixir and achieve immortality? How did Lao Tzu recover his youth? The Taoist legendary practices included rarely known meanings and secret mantras, which make ..(more)