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Video-0983 A Story from Rumi: The Man Who Wanted to Learn the Language of Animals
In a joyful gathering and New Year celebration with international Association members, Supreme Master ChingHai shared jokes and other meaningful stories. Through Master Rumi’s tale about a person who wanted to learn animal languages, Supreme Master reminded us that ..(more)
Video-0985 Sufi Teachings and the Extraordinary Nature of the Quan Yin Method
Why does someone with snakes inside not know this himself, and may even misunderstand a benefactor who is helping him be rid of the poison serpents? How could someone who cleans the chamber pots of other people every day not perceive the fragrance of Heavenly perfume? ..(more)
Video-0991 Lovely Animal Stories
This video/audio records many touching stories of animal friends shared by Supreme Master Ching Hai and the association members: a bird who is away from home for a month but has the chance to bridge together the two vegan families with friendship; a group of new born ..(more)