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Video-0966 Reaching a Critical Mass to Save the Planet
What is the “critical mass of a vegan population”? What will happen when it’s reached? What kind of attitude should we have when facing the urgent situation of climate change? During an international gathering with Association members, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke ..(more)
Video-1001 Saving the World Together––Success Stories of Love
During this inspiring gathering, Supreme Master Ching Hai invited fellow initiates to share their success stories in the vegan campaign to save the planet. In many countries, the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in Loving Huts and other vegan restaurants opened by ..(more)
Video-0840 Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment: Humans Are Inherently Compassionate & Loving
Supreme Master Ching Hai speaks about the importance of living a virtuous life by keeping the moral precepts as well as a vegetarian diet, and being good and kind to others including our animal co-inhabitants. Such a noble way of living can empower people to enter a ..(more)