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Video-0877(1.2.3) Solutions for a Beautiful Planet
This videoconference in Thailand on August 15, 2009, gathered Thai and Aulacese(Vietnamese) experts from the environment, climate, nutrition and energy fields for a high-powered presentation and discussion. These experts explained and illustrated to the five thousand ..(more)
Video-0881(1.2.3) "Children's Health & Sustainable Planet" Jeju International Conference
Forty-nine non-governmental organizations (NGOs) on Jeju Island, S. Korea, co-hosted an International Conference entitled, "Children's Health & Sustainable Planet". Supreme Master Ching Hai, renowned scientists and doctors were invited to discuss children’s health ..(more)
Video-0882(1.2.3) Global Unity: Together in Saving Lives
In this time of urgent planetary crisis, Supreme Master Ching Hai and distinguished guests including heads of government, experts from the fields of medical science, technology, education, religion, journalism, arts and others were invited to join a vital discussion ..(more)
Video-0884(1.2) Global Warming: Yes, There Is a Solution!
Peru owns 70% of the tropical glaciers of the world and is famous for its diverse geographical features. However, global warming is causing the glaciers to melt rapidly with huge impacts on the environment. On Sep 12, 2009, the video conference, “Global Warming: ..(more)
Video-0885(1.2.3) Protect Our Home with L.O.V.E.
Global warming is worsening and natural disasters occuring more frequently. Focusing on the subjects of LOHAS, organic, vegan and ecology, many experts, celebrities and dignitaries gathered to discuss the ways to curb global warming. Supreme Master Ching Hai pointed ..(more)
Video-0897(1.2) SOS - A Quick Action to Stop Global Warming
On November 16, Golden Era 6, an international global warming conference entitled “SOS-A Quick Action to Stop Global Warming” was held in sunny and ardent Mexico.Supreme Master Ching Hai was invited as an honorable guest and kindly answered questions from participants ..(more)
Video-0915(1.2.3) Leaders Preserving Our Future: Pace & Priorities on Climate Change
On November 3, 2010, British non-profit World Preservation Foundation co-hosted with Dods Parliamentary Services, a unique gathering at the historic Central Hall at Westminster in London. With speakers from government, science, media and advocacy organizations from ..(more)
Video-0917(1.2) The 1st Middle East Vegetarian Congress
The first ever Middle East Vegetarian Congress was held in Dubai, with the public invited to engage in an interactive exploration of the plant-based lifestyle. Organized by the Middle East Veg Group (MEVEG), the event provided two days of seminars, workshops, and video ..(more)
Video-0951(1.2) From Crisis to Peace: The Whole Universe is Blessing Us
The 2011 , a leading international health forum, was held in Mexico. Supreme Master Ching Hai attended the event via video link as the honored guest speaker, sharing her wisdom on the world's most immediate and concerning issues, and discussing ways to attain world ..(more)
Video-0968 Supreme Master Ching Hai's Book Premiere: The Love of Centuries, Chinese Edition & Videoconference with Ms. Hsiu-Lien Lu, 10th & 11th term Vice President of Formosa (Taiwan)
On 2011 New Year's Day, The Love of Centuries, Chinese Edition’s book release was held in Formosa (Taiwan). Supreme Master Ching Hai shared her understanding of love via live videoconference: “A romantic quality signifies the highest love, the most original love ..(more)