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02288-V0957 Spiritual Blessing Portals & the Gates to Heaven and Hell
Supreme Master Ching Hai unveils the mysteries of Bermuda Triangle, describing how it is a portal to a lower world and it belongs to the negative force. The more hell and lower world portals in a country, the more wars and turmoil it has. Fortunately, the portals ..(more)
02293-V0974 Auspicious Locations for Leaders' New Headquarters—a Boon for World Peace
With a deep yearning for the world’s conflicts to subside, Supreme Master Ching Hai made urgent announcement and appealed to the world’s peace-seeking leaders and concerned fellow citizens, informing them of the auspicious places to re-locate their headquarters, ..(more)
02295-V0993 A New Year of Compassion: Special Message from Supreme Master Ching Hai & Bidding Farewell to Supreme Master TV
This video/audio features a very special message from Supreme Master Ching Hai to the world through video conferences with the staff of Supreme Master Television during the 2012 New Year period, when she also bade farewell to the audience. During the conference, ..(more)
02298-V0994 It's Not Lonely To Be Alone
When alone, whether in the silent mountains or traveling in a place unknown, we are able to feel completely free. Enjoying the blessing of peace, we can be closer to our true Self and not feel lonely at all. Conversely, when we are among people, the expectations we ..(more)
02299_V0995 Peace and Loving Foods
In this special discourse, Supreme Master Ching Hai shared a list of “Peace and Loving Foods,” along with the corresponding levels of consciousness fruits and vegetables on the list. She then explained that harvesting fruits and vegetables with less developed levels of ..(more)
02300-V0996 Changing Heaven and Earth
Supreme Master Ching Hai thanks the Association members for being good, and doing a lot of good jobs in the world, and says, “We are already doing some good jobs, invisibly. So, meditation’s even more effective, because at that time, your purpose is to be one with ..(more)
02301-V0997 Acceptance and Trust in Heaven
Sometimes God’s arrangement doesn’t seem to suit our needs. Supreme Master Ching Hai tells us, “Be patient, accept and be grateful for anything.” Then we may see that even unsatisfactory situations are a step to the next stage. As long as we stay connected with the ..(more)
02302-V0998 We Are on the Path of Miracles
In this international gathering, Supreme Master Ching Hai happily said that the world has become more wonderful and loving. More people have noble ideals and have tried to save the world whole-heartedly. Noble and selfless thoughts or actions always yield positive ..(more)
02303 Count Our Blessings and Be Positive
Highlights~ Supreme Master Ching Hai proclaimed some wonderful exciting news during this gathering: the Earth can continue for decades and more people will have a chance to become vegans and spiritually ..(more)
02304 Practice Diligently to Protect Yourself and Others
Supreme Master Ching Hai invited fellow initiates to share their success stories in the vegan campaign to save the planet. In many countries, the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in Loving Huts and other vegan restaurants opened by fellow initiates have ..(more)
02305 Meditate More To Realize Our Planet-Saving Power
To avoid planetary disaster and save our world, Supreme Master Ching Hai shared with Association members that meditation is the most important. This is also why Supreme Master Television stopped airing. "Now it's time for us to meditate more and deeper, so ..(more)
02306 Try to Remember God All the Time
In this mundane world, it’s often difficult to avoid the negative effect of our surroundings. How can we protect ourselves? Supreme Master Ching Hai said, “Just try to remember God all the time.” Even in unfavorable situations, we need to be patient, recite ..(more)
02307 Use Less Resources and Simplify Life
Supreme Master Ching Hai encourages Association members to simplify life and use fewer resources, saying, "The less you use, the less karma." The Supreme Master also shares tips on eco-friendly living, such as choosing a smaller house, saving water for ..(more)
02308 Paradise Is Coming Sooner Than We Think
Supreme Master Ching Hai shares with us the great news that the continuation of our Earth has been extended for 50 years, and more. Auspicious signs are appearing around the world. For example, in China, awareness of animal protection is on the rise; ..(more)
02310 Meditate as Much as We Can in this Grace Period
Supreme Master Ching Hai shared with International Association members the good news that the Earth's life has been extended for decades more. Asking us to make use of every moment to meditate as much as we can, the Supreme Master said, “Always remember God ..(more)