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00825 The Origin and Methods of Offering Food to God
Master led the disciples in chanting the “Incense Praise” and “Offering Food to God,” and then she explained that the SadaBuddhawas the greatest of all Buddhas, and that praising Him is like chanting a mantra. However, people ..(more)
00826 Focus and Your Wisdom Will Grow
We meditate to train ourselves to concentrate, and when we’re able to concentrate, even our memory improves. Supreme Master Ching Hai gets tired when she works with the disciples because, as she ..(more)
00827 Search for Truth by Starting with One’s Own Self
If I always give you good answers, then you can’t progress, so don’t be greedy for my wisdom. You should be greedy for your own wisdom. If you have questions, just think about them and meditate on them, ..(more)
00828  Spiritual Practice Is Not About Competition in Spiritual Levels
If you talk to others about your visions, you are under the control of Maya, the Maya of Arrogance and Illusion, no matter what high level you may have reached. I won’t allow ..(more)
00829 Ignoranceis the Greatest Sin
Everyone will go back home eventually, but if you don’t want to go home, I won’t force you. Those who truly want to will get home. Otherwise what would the enlightened Master do? If everyone ..(more)
00860 God Is Everything
Highlights~ "...So in that case one more person practice, one more light to the world. So that's why we should find any opportunity to encourage people to follow the path of renunciation. We renounce our ego only; I never ask you to renounce your ..(more)
00868 Bible Stories~The Perfect Example of a Great Saint
Jesus' death on the cross has many wonderful meanings andlessons for us. If we think about it, we could probably come to more conclusions and have more ideas.Jesus was young, very young. He could have had a beautiful lover. He could have enjoyed the world, at least after ..(more)
00887 Be Independent and We Will Be One with God
Highlights~ Master discusses the psychological aspects of possessive tendencies and insecurities, to present to us the picture of what people can be, how they can behave and how they sometimes hold themselves and others back, by not improving their ..(more)
00953 Appreciation Of Gibran's Poems
Highlights: Would you like to know the last conversation between Master Gibran and his disciples before Gibran went to Nirvana? Supreme Master Qing Hai shared some poems above love from Gibran’s book The ..(more)
00955 Tests after Becoming a Buddha
Highlights: Will there still be tests when one has attained Buddhahood? And what are the conditions to become a Buddha? Supreme Master Qing Hai talks brilliantly about Buddhahood to break our illusions. She ..(more)
00956 The Application of Precepts Should Be Up to Date
Sakyamuni Buddha said “Sila as Guru”, but the precepts were set more than two thousand years ago in India. Are they still relevant today? Supreme Master Ching Hai pointed out that Sila Observance alone ..(more)
00959 The World of Men’s Affection
We all think that women are more affectionate than men. But is it true? In this lecture, Supreme Master Ching Hai talks about men’s affection, revealing the more affectionate aspect of the male. Supreme ..(more)
00960 God is the Giver for the Earth
Don't care whether one is worth your giving or not. We should first care if we ourselves is worth to be a good tool for giving. Because the truth is, it is God or the loving power that gives through us. ..(more)
00961 The Story of Sakyamuni Buddha
Upon the eve ofthe Birthday of Sakyamuni Buddha, the Supreme Master Ching Hai told one story of SakyamuniBuddha to encourage our determination to seek enlightenment. She pointed out that ..(more)
00962 Renunciation and Being a Layman
What’s the difference between renunciation and being a layman? Seldom praising monks and nuns, Supreme Master Ching Hai explained in details the difference between being a renunciant and layman on one ..(more)