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02319-2 Master's Journeys to The Higher Regions of The Cosmos
Through long and intensive meditation, Supreme Master Ching Hai has uncovered many secrets in higher Realms of the universe. Do you know the qualities of different Regions such as “Peace Stream,” “Return Spiritual Power,” “Healing Power Level,” “All Wishes Fulfilled?” How can ..(more)
02323-V1017 Unconditional Love is the Best
Meeting with Association members during this international retreat, Supreme Master Ching Hai encouraged everyone: "If you really love me, practice well. Carry the noble message in your heart and in whatever you do. And help other people, help each other in whatever way ..(more)
02335-V1028 Master Dines with Supreme Master TV Staff at Loving Hut
During the summer of Golden Year 10, the Supreme Master Ching Hai and Supreme Master Television staff gathered with immense joy at Loving Hut! The Supreme Master delighted all with her sense of humor and instant French lessons. She said, "The French people speak very ..(more)
02363-V1049 From The Original Universe To Our World: True Love Never Changes(1,2)
When we look at this world with our soul, all things are sparkling inside with love and wisdom. They are all doing their job, beautifying the world inhabited by human beings and at the same time blessing it. Supreme Master Ching Hai conveyed another meaning for "Tim ..(more)
02365-V1051 Be Forgiving and Merciful(1,2,3)
Is the maturing of more Tư Quơ the only way to restore balance to the universes? In this videoconference, Supreme Master Ching Hai again shed more light on the many mysteries of Ihôs Kư and the shining Pusu language. What are the classes of angels? What can we do to ..(more)
02367-V1052 Be Forgiving and Merciful: Master’s Diary(1,2)
In her loving gesture to fulfill fellow initiates’ expressed wish to know more about her daily life and meditation, Supreme Master Ching Hai made a special phone call to Supreme Master Television to further share entries from her spiritual diary. Apart from the great ..(more)
02434-V1114 Stay in Constant Contact with the Inner Master Power
Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously visited Formosa’s (Taiwan) Taipei Center, bringing boundless joy and happiness to the Association members there! Supreme Master cheerfully talked about a variety of topics: the Formosan (Taiwanese) traditional snack, “stinky tofu”; ..(more)