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02205 Our True Home is in Heaven+Determination and Unity
Supreme Master Ching Hai said, “There is no home on this planet. You have only one home and that is the wisdom eye. Emotional needs and physical needs are different from the real Home and we just have to create a better ..(more)
02210-V0896 Spiritual Practice and Sincerity Help the Planet
In light of the dire situations of our Earth such as global warming and animals’ suffering, Supreme Master Ching Hai encouraged our Association Members to contribute our efforts by utilizing the wisdom, courage, and love gained from spiritual practice to save the ..(more)
02222-V0955 All Animals are Inherently Good
This audio is a collection of three international gatherings between Supreme Master Ching Hai and Association members. The Supreme Master revealed that animals were inherently good, and each had its own personality. She gave examples of how to interact with dogs so ..(more)
02224-V0948 To Stop All Vices: Help Others to be Independent
Drugs, violence, killing and so on, most of which derive from ignorance and poverty, are the reasons of much suffering in this world. To stop this vicious cycle, governments should take their role in helping its people get rid of poverty, and family education is of ..(more)
02229-V0874 Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment: Killing is Never Right
As we meditate to pacify the world, we are reminded by Supreme Master Ching Hai to always keep in mind that there are still people out there who are suffering. Even if we don’t have questions about our own spiritual evolution, we should always think of others and ..(more)
02230 Veganism Radiates Compassionate Energy
Highlights At a gathering with Association Members, Supreme Master Ching Hai frankly said that people can be saved if only they become vegans. She also reveals that dogs fed with vegan food have become kinder. The longer they are vegan ..(more)
02231-V0892 Save Earth with Hope
On the topic of today’s global climatic crisis, Supreme Master Ching Hai points out, “Our action, no matter on purpose or not, always reflects the inner consciousness and the subconscious also. The subconscious is always visible to all beings and all the universe. So, ..(more)
02234 We Live in this World,We have to Save the World+Be a Compassionate Human
The Supreme Master also revealed that in order to save the Earth, she had simplified her personal life to an utmost extent, so that she could have more time for work and meditation. As human beings, we ..(more)
02241 Change Our Mental Concepts and our Cells will Change
Highlights The Supreme Master reminded us that everyone has an aura around and the aura changes. It has to come from a mental change. A concept that “now I am going to live a life of a real human. I don’t want to harm anybody. I don’t want ..(more)
02243 Act Like Our True Great Self+Meditation is Important
As Association members give their brief descriptions of the many activities being done around the world to halt climate change, Supreme Master Ching Hai shares ..(more)
02298-V0994 It's Not Lonely To Be Alone
When alone, whether in the silent mountains or traveling in a place unknown, we are able to feel completely free. Enjoying the blessing of peace, we can be closer to our true Self and not feel lonely at all. Conversely, when we are among people, the expectations we ..(more)
02299_V0995 Peace and Loving Foods
In this special discourse, Supreme Master Ching Hai shared a list of “Peace and Loving Foods,” along with the corresponding levels of consciousness fruits and vegetables on the list. She then explained that harvesting fruits and vegetables with less developed levels of ..(more)
02300-V0996 Changing Heaven and Earth
Supreme Master Ching Hai thanks the Association members for being good, and doing a lot of good jobs in the world, and says, “We are already doing some good jobs, invisibly. So, meditation’s even more effective, because at that time, your purpose is to be one with ..(more)
02301-V0997 Acceptance and Trust in Heaven
Sometimes God’s arrangement doesn’t seem to suit our needs. Supreme Master Ching Hai tells us, “Be patient, accept and be grateful for anything.” Then we may see that even unsatisfactory situations are a step to the next stage. As long as we stay connected with the ..(more)
02302-V0998 We Are on the Path of Miracles
In this international gathering, Supreme Master Ching Hai happily said that the world has become more wonderful and loving. More people have noble ideals and have tried to save the world whole-heartedly. Noble and selfless thoughts or actions always yield positive ..(more)