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00518-1 Method without Ego
Highlights: Ego is a huge barrier for spiritual practice. How does Master fix our ego from both inside and outside? Supreme Master Qing Hai points out: when you follow the Master, you don’t have to believe anything about the Master ; just practice according to this ..(more)
00518-2 Spiritual Practitioners Should Have Complete Faith  in Master
Highlights: Supreme Master Qing Hai reveals her secrets of spiritual practice in this lecture: in fact, I have no secret method. Perhaps the only secret is my utter innocence. God will take care of the innocent ..(more)
00518-3 Remember the Source when Drinking Water & Law of Compensation
Highlights: Since ancient times, spiritual masters have advised us to live a simple life whenever possible. Supreme Master Ching Hai reminds us that we should always ..(more)
00518-4 Spiritual Practice Is a Competition Counted by Seconds
Supreme Master Qing Hai takes the example of Olympic Games to tell us that spiritual practice is a competition counted by seconds, we should not be Mr. “Just so so”.. We should train ourselves to be humble and unattached. Don't keep struggling or arguing for anything, ..(more)
00518-5 Understanding Quan Yin Method from the Perspective of Nadi Tsa
A fellow initiate, who had practiced nadi tsa (Qi Mai), is sharing his spiritual experience with the proof from nadi tsa practice that the Guan Yin Method is all-inclusive and covering all aspects in psychic, physical and the Qi realms. Supreme Master comments that: it’s ..(more)
00518-6 From Misunderstanding to Gratitude
Highlights: Master trains disciples to be hard and soft and uses scolding method sometimes to help disciples free from and break through their preconceived ideas. ..(more)
00609 7-Day Retreat Starts With the Strike of the Bell + Master Takes Care of Every Little Detail
The Supreme Master Ching Hai personally rang the bell to start the Seven-Day Retreat and explained the sacred meaning of ringing the bell and the Seven-Day Retreat. Musical ..(more)
00610 Watch the World with Master’s Power
We spiritual practitioners should be diligent s, meditate more and further discover our own ability, loving power, brightness and original nature. The Self or our original nature never makes mistakes or ..(more)
00612 The Butterfly Collector
Highlights~ If you are a story lover, you must not miss the wonderful story of “Butterfly Collector”. Why does a woman who was locked ..(more)
00613-1 Marital Relations and Spiritual Practice
Does spiritual practice require forsaking marital relationships? Why do spiritual practitioners need to restrain from sexual desires? Supreme Master Qing Hai points out: for most people, it’s not that they are ..(more)
00613-2  Confidence Leads to Fearlessness
Supreme Master Ching Hai tells some stories about spiritual practice and explains through each and every personal experience from the disciples that the real divine connection between Master and disciple is not like ..(more)
00614 Master Talks about Dreams and Tells Stories
Highlights: For most people, dreams are very important. Are dreams controllable? How is dream related to spiritual practice? Supreme Master Qing Hai points out that most dreams are ..(more)
00615 How to Worship Buddha
Highlights: How time flies! 7 days of heavenly expriences, which brings us boundless inner joy, soon comes to an end. Before the closure of this retreat, Supreme Master Ching Hai tells a story about ..(more)
00724-V0121 The Importance of an Enlightened Master
Reverend Milarepa went through a lot of hardships to seek the Tao. Most people in this world praise his sincerity, but why does Supreme Master Ching Hai sympathize with his Master? An old man starting to search for a Master in his 70s, how did he become the keeper of ..(more)
00725-V0122 The Requirements for Becoming a Spiritual Master​
One must meet many criteria in order to become an enlightened Master. Sometimes ancient Masters could only teach one or two people because they could not attract the masses. If they went out in public, people did not always like them. The Masters might not wish for ..(more)