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01017 Practicing Good Method Bears Good Results
The Bible says by seeing the results, we will know the cause . Therefore, we know this method works when we practice well. Sometimes it is not just seeing the light (Guan Guang), but to see whether our heart is open or ..(more)
01018 A Dream of Tiger in the Mundane World & Eternal Love of an Enlightened Master
Supreme Master tells a story about an enlightened master and his young disciple. The young monk came to a busy town for the first time in his life and saw a beautiful woman. He knew nothing about woman and ..(more)
01104-1 Nectar River: Shining Example of Truth, Compassion and Beauty
In order to offer Buddha's kids a pure land for leisurely passing summer, to leave a beautiful and happy childhood for our future masters and to create an excellent place for everybody to rest their body and soul, ..(more)
01104-2 The Merit of Retreat
Retreat is a very important time for us to pacify and filter out the dirt from our mind. Sometimes we think that it’s enough to meditate alone at home everyday. But it's not, because we may neglect and ..(more)
01104-3 The Ego Likes Praise the Most & Fear Causes Reincarnation
Summary People like to listen to praising words. But why does Supreme Master Ching Hai regard praise as poison? She pointed out that the biggest problem of ego is it likes praise. Some monks/nuns fell ..(more)
01105 God Helps the Most Oppressed
Master experienced some coincidence while travelling abroad and demonstrates with her personal experiences and observations that God knows whether we are good or not, no matter what the whole world say ..(more)
01143 Merits of Becoming a Monk
Highlight:~ During the 3-day retreat, Master tells stories about Shakyamuni Buddha, and happens to find this story named “Merits of Becoming a Monk”. It’s about a one-hundred-year-old man who wanted to follow Shakyamuni Buddha and become a monk for the ..(more)
01144 The Truth about God + The Sacrifice of Hee-toh
We all think God is the most loving and very sweet and takes good care of us. This is true, but God has many facets. Of course when you reach the fourth or fifth level, you will always encounter the ..(more)
01173 The Benefits of Living Independently
Highlights: The world is everything but perfect, so we’d better be independent. Actually when we are alone, we do not need too much. But when we are with others, the degree of necessity increases because we ..(more)
01174 The Best Way to Guide the World
Highlights: It happens to be Teacher’s Day. Master expresses her gratitude to the past, present and future teachers coming from all times and spaces, for their tireless guidance which has made our earth a better place. Master also comments on the story “The King ..(more)
01182-1 Viper and Gold
Master tells two Buddhist stories, “Viper and Gold” and “Seven Pots of Gold”. The story tells about the previous lives of Shariputra who had been a snake for many lives, reincarnating in the same place for ..(more)
01182-2 The “Screw” Method
Master discussed a book which mentioned that the Quan Yin Method is ancient. It states that even if for just a short while, such as a couple of hours, half an hour, or over ten minutes, one practices ..(more)
01206 The Lure Of Power
Highlights: “The higher the status is, the bigger the pitfall will be", so how can those responsible for working for Master and for the public avoid being trapped by power? Supreme Master Qing Hai reminds us ..(more)
01403 All Beings Are Born Equal
I wished I could set the horse free. However, once I did it, other people would catch him and do more terrible thing to him, or even eat him. Then how can I set free all the horses in the world? What about dogs, birds, turtles, donkeys, etc. There is nothing in the world ..(more)
01406 Balancing Life + Kid Story in the Year of Dog
While in Hong Kong, Master cleaned up a cave that used to be a bullpen. Master built a fireplace in the cave with cement and stones, turning it into a warm and comfortable living room with a few straw mats and ..(more)