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01774 Humans Are the Greatest Beings in the Universe
If we cannot focus on the wisdom eye when we meditate, is there a good way that can help us? The Buddha spoke of “practicing the middle way.” What does that mean? If we can hear the inner Sound 24 hours a day, should we ignore it or listen attentively? ..(more)
01776-V0622 Bringing Perfection into this World
Supreme Master Ching Hai earnestly reminds fellow initiates to take good care of themselves because only when Her disciples are free and happy is She free and happy. Other brilliantly analyzed topics include the results of clinging to the world in one's dying moments, ..(more)
01791 Sacred Communion
A fellow practitioner, who bought Masters painting entitled Ordinary Dream, says that when she put the painting in her bedroom, it came alive and generated a cool breeze in summer; there was no need to turn on the air-con. Master also lovingly responds to the disciples’ ..(more)
01792_V0642 Divine Love Is the Only True Love
Master emphasizes that not a single Quan Yin practitioner on this planet can fail to see the inner Light so fellow initiates should never give up on meditation. Even if you don't see the Light today, you may see It tomorrow. She also discusses how to distinguish ..(more)
01857-V0674 Walking In Love and Laughter
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lecture: We can make Heaven on earth all the time. People really don’t know that. Yes, really, Heaven is here anytime, anytime we want. And we can be in Heaven all the time. It’s getting better and better every time and at ..(more)
01861 Happiness Grows With Spiritual Practice
Fellow initiates raise many questions about spiritual practice and daily life. For example: Should we strictly adhere to the correct proportion of the sound and light meditation? Is it better to keep the same posture throughout meditation? How do we choose between ..(more)
01862 The Value of the Elderly People
Master praises elderly people for their greater beauty as they possess boundless love and wisdom. Therefore, it is better for grandparents, rather than young parents, to raise the children. Master also patiently ..(more)
01865 Recognizing Your Greatness
Some people can hear the inner Sound current and often communicate with God when they are very young. Why do they lose this ability when they are three or four years old? What wonderful feelings will we experience when we are in Samadhi? How can we maintain the good ..(more)
01866 Concentration On Work:A Way Of Spiritual Practice
Highlights~ During the six-day Millennium retreat in Thailand, Master met with the working staff from Formosa and said that when we do a lot of spiritual work, our mind will not be complicated. When we are not working, it goes back to being ..(more)
01877-V0696 Freedom Beyond The Body & Mind
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lecture: The brain sometimes cannot get the full message from the soul because the brain is like a filter. Sometimes the filter is not very effective, and all the orders from the soul become distorted so we do things wrong, we do ..(more)
01879-V0700 The Living Saints
In the beautiful Korean summer, Supreme Master Ching Hai received contact persons from around the globe during a retreat at Yong Dong center, and conversed on many topics. Master and the disciples shared stories and insights about the spiritual path and a number of ..(more)
01882_V0702 True Progress Is World Peace
Highlights~ Does advancement in science and technology represent world progress? What is true progress? Master is concerned about peace in the Korean peninsula, and hopes that the two sides will interact, communicate, and help each other. She praises Korea’s clean ..(more)
01921 A Selfless Motive
Highlights~ God is aware of your actions and I am proud that you have extended your hand to those in need in different ways. Selfless service without seeking reward or praise – such is the dedication ..(more)
01923 The Lesson of Sharing
Master and disciples reunited after a long separation told each other deep longings and well-wishing thoughts.Master gave a discourse on the topic of “the magic of visualization,” “the karma of blocking Master’s work,” and “understanding the merit of sharing,” ..(more)
01923-2e-V0730 Communicating with Love
This video/audio is once again filled with Master's love and humour as She leads the initiates into discussions about universal communication and vegetarian ingredients in food. Master also instructs us to "follow the teachings in our head, the logic" and also to do ..(more)