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01760-V0605 The Purpose of Enlightenment
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture: We will be very confused with so many teachings in the whole planet, and more in the astral level. And the upper level, there are also all the teachings. If you go and encounter some of the divas and heavenly beings, ..(more)
01761-V0604 Spiritual Life and Professional Ethics
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's lecture: I have told you to be successful in the world, but not at the cost of the spiritual progress. Understand? Because after we leave this world, we have nothing. We cannot bring anything with us. So if we cannot balance ..(more)
01763_V0608 The Methods of Spiritual Improvement
Master explains how to be more still in meditation, the secret to making progress in practice, and ways to handle your fear and disturbances by inner beings during meditation. Master emphasizes the importance of putting Master's teaching into practice and the true ..(more)
01764 Eternal Care From A True Master
During the Washington, D.C., retreat, Master answers questions from Chinese initiates about spiritual practice and meditation. She also helps clarify topics such as marriage, romance, friendship, work, family, psychology, and education, covering even the detailed and ..(more)
01774 Humans Are the Greatest Beings in the Universe
If we cannot focus on the wisdom eye when we meditate, is there a good way that can help us? The Buddha spoke of “practicing the middle way.” What does that mean? If we can hear the inner Sound 24 hours a day, should we ignore it or listen attentively? ..(more)
01774B-V0620 The True Master Power
In simple terms, Supreme Master Ching Hai offers thoughtful comments on the nature of a Master's almighty power and its subtle connection with His or Her physical body. She also examines these questions in this video/audio: Why can the effects of two-and-a-half hours ..(more)
01776-V0622 Bringing Perfection into this World
Supreme Master Ching Hai earnestly reminds fellow initiates to take good care of themselves because only when Her disciples are free and happy is She free and happy. Other brilliantly analyzed topics include the results of clinging to the world in one's dying moments, ..(more)
01791 Sacred Communion
A fellow practitioner, who bought Masters painting entitled Ordinary Dream, says that when she put the painting in her bedroom, it came alive and generated a cool breeze in summer; there was no need to turn on the air-con. Master also lovingly responds to the disciples’ ..(more)
01792_V0642 Divine Love Is the Only True Love
Master emphasizes that not a single Quan Yin practitioner on this planet can fail to see the inner Light so fellow initiates should never give up on meditation. Even if you don't see the Light today, you may see It tomorrow. She also discusses how to distinguish ..(more)
01850-V0665 Halloween Weekend with Supreme Master Ching Hai(1,2)
In this joyous and festive occasion, Supreme Master Ching Hai teaches us that fun and relaxation are important in our spiritual lives. She also patiently and gracefully answers questions from disciples explaining that we have two choices in life: to stand up with ..(more)
01857-V0674 Walking In Love and Laughter
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lecture: We can make Heaven on earth all the time. People really don’t know that. Yes, really, Heaven is here anytime, anytime we want. And we can be in Heaven all the time. It’s getting better and better every time and at ..(more)
01860-V0673 Transcend Emotions
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's lecture: We always need protection because we're not at home here in this physical body. In this physica world we're not at home. That's why a lot of things happen to us. Sometimes people have negative powers possess them; ..(more)
01861 Happiness Grows With Spiritual Practice
Fellow initiates raise many questions about spiritual practice and daily life. For example: Should we strictly adhere to the correct proportion of the sound and light meditation? Is it better to keep the same posture throughout meditation? How do we choose between ..(more)
01862 The Value of the Elderly People
Master praises elderly people for their greater beauty as they possess boundless love and wisdom. Therefore, it is better for grandparents, rather than young parents, to raise the children. Master also patiently ..(more)
01863-V0681 The Heart of a Child
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture: Kids, they are so innocent. They have no criticizing attitude, nothing like that in their minds. They just love beauty, whether inside or outside. They just enjoy whatever is pleasant to their eyes and their senses ..(more)