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01880B-V0701 To Impart the Great Teaching
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture: Everything I am teaching you here is just meant to satisfy your curiosity, your mind, and increase your diverse knowledge of different religions, and backgrounds. It has nothing to do with my teaching. Everything you ..(more)
01882_V0702 True Progress Is World Peace
Highlights~ Does advancement in science and technology represent world progress? What is true progress? Master is concerned about peace in the Korean peninsula, and hopes that the two sides will interact, communicate, and help each other. She praises Korea’s clean ..(more)
01883B-V0715 Practice in Silence & Humility
In a joyous intimate meeting, the Supreme Master Ching Hai advised us that as spiritual practitioners we should be flexible under any circumstances without blaming others. If we practice in quietness with sincerity and humility, our spiritual path will be less affected ..(more)
01921 A Selfless Motive
Highlights~ God is aware of your actions and I am proud that you have extended your hand to those in need in different ways. Selfless service without seeking reward or praise – such is the dedication ..(more)
01923 The Lesson of Sharing
Master and disciples reunited after a long separation told each other deep longings and well-wishing thoughts.Master gave a discourse on the topic of “the magic of visualization,” “the karma of blocking Master’s work,” and “understanding the merit of sharing,” ..(more)
01923-2e-V0730 Communicating with Love
This video/audio is once again filled with Supreme Master Ching Hai's love and humour as she leads the initiates into discussions about universal communication and vegetarian ingredients in food. Master also instructs us to "follow the teachings in our head, the logic" ..(more)
01923B-V0731 The Strength of Many Hearts
On the evening of Christmas Day 2001, The Supreme Master Ching Hai and fellow practitioners celebrate together in the Florida Center. During this special gathering, disciples share their inspiring stories of the immense blessings that God showers upon them, and how ..(more)
01924 The Touch of a Master
Highlights~ Master touches every sentient being visibly and invisibly. Starting with her thoughtfulness, humility and humor, she explains that God is the true love we are looking for. Only by Hiers power the negative within us is ..(more)
01924-2e-V0728 The Blessing Of A Loving Thought
The Supreme Master Ching Hai and fellow practitioners gathered together in Florida Center to celebrate Christmas in 2001. The disciples from all over the world had overcome many difficulties to attend, which was deeply touching to Master.Master ..(more)
01926-V0735 The Courage To Change
In the winter of 2001, the Supreme Master Ching Hai celebrated the Christmas holidays at the Florida Center with fellow initiates from all over the world. Master brought Her beautiful birds with Her to meet the initiates, showing us that animals are very loving ..(more)
01928-V0732 The Power of Positive Thinking
Have you ever thought about the impact of the thoughts emitted from our brain every day? The words from ordinary people also have power. That’s why some people can successfully curse others. Or, when someone blesses you sincerely, even though that person is just an ..(more)
01929-2e-V0740 Learning to Live In Harmony
1. Love thy neighbor – this is an age old adage from which society has become estranged. Today, people focus on material gains and profits while forgetting to live as loving human beings who are part of a larger global ..(more)
01946 The Role of a Master
Highlights In this dynamic Q&A session, Supreme Master Ching Hai emphasizes that it’s our honor to be able to help others. We shall enjoy its happiness and we won’t feel like an obligation. When we help others, we are actually ..(more)
01996 Positive thoughts lead to a peaceful world
Highlights Excerpt from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Lecture: When the world is more peaceful, when all the countries understand the main point better, and understand the most important point of life better, which means all the countries understand that finding God is ..(more)
01999-V0776 Love will move mountains Blessings will level the oceans
At the end of Golden Year 3(2006), initiates from all over the world gathered in Thailand to meet with our beloved Master and pray for global peace through meditation. In the past few years, the world has seen many positive changes and is now in its most peaceful ..(more)