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02000-V0777 Gratitude Brings Glory to the World
The Supreme Master Ching Hai received the Aulacese (Vietnamese) disciples and comforted them by wishing them advancement in their practice and the unification of their nation. As for the disciples who wish to liberate early and return to heaven, Master gently comforted ..(more)
02001-V0778 Spiritual Progress is Reflected in Daily Life
In this question and answer session between Supreme Master Ching Hai and disciples, many practical truths about spiritual practice are revealed. Master encourages everyone to avoid the distractions of daily life and lead a more spiritual ..(more)
02012  Back To Heaven With Peace
Supreme Master Ching Hai and association members dressed up grandly to attend and celebrate 2007 Chinese Lunar New Year with disciples from around the world at Hsihu, Formosa. She encouraged everyone, saying “So peace must be, because in peace we can rebuild countries; ..(more)
02014 Always Keep a Pure and Contented Heart
Highlights During the Chinese New Year, the Supreme Master Ching Hai told a Chinese folklore: A magnanimous poor scholar with a kind heart, who desired for nothing, yet at last he gained everything; on the contrary, a man practiced ..(more)
02015-2-V0987 To Practice Spiritually Is to Be a Shining Example
Supreme Master Ching Hai encourages the association members to be a diligent and righteous spiritual practitioner. When doing any work, we should be honest to our own conscience, don't use that kind of cleverness, then we can move higher on our spiritual ..(more)
02018 The Merits of Turning back to Goodness
During the 5-day retreat in Chinese New Year, Supreme Master Ching Hai calls upon every one to protect this Earth together, and wishes that there will be world peace! ..(more)
02019 Remember God in Our Heart, and Our Fate Will Improve
Highlights~ Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Lecture: The most important thing after we die is not burying, or anything about the immobile body, but where our souls go. If we have not done anything good while alive, no matter ..(more)
02054-V0969 Cultivate Ourselves and Turn Our World into Heaven
Heaven and hell are actually reflections of our understanding and attitude toward spiritual practice. Coming into this world, we should strive to help with the spiritual upliftment of others by walking on the right path and beautifying our own hearts. This way, we ..(more)
02061-V0794 High Noble-Quality Countries
During this gathering, Master reveals five leading countries with the highest Noble Quality (NQ), explaining that NQ is a kind of inherent, natural expression. People who are noble by nature have a firm belief in God, and they remind each other of Godliness. Master ..(more)
02063-1e The Guardian Angels God Bestows Upon Humans
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lecture: "Animals are the helpers, friends and protectors of humans. They come with gifts, unconditionally, and bring great benefit to humans, regardless of whether we feel thankful or even know about ..(more)
02083-V0807 Keeping Faith In Difficult Times
The Supreme Master Ching Hai meets with a group of disciples in a warm and relaxed atmosphere in Paris center, light heartedly and humorously sharing conversation and life experiences. Master speaks of many things including global warming issues and world peace, noting ..(more)
02094-1c World of Elevating Spirits
Highlights During the 2007 Christmas gathering, initiates passionately reported various snippets of good news from around the world. After seeing the incredible pace of many countries’ development, Supreme Master Ching Hai happily ..(more)
02095-1 All Peaceful Religions Lead to a United Way of Life
Highlights The ancient order of the Essenes originating around 300 B.C. was a sacred brotherhood which practiced the Quan Yin Method for enlightenment. The remarkable similarities between the Essenes and the modern-day Quan Yin ..(more)
02096 Create a Beautiful and Virtuous World Together
Highlights~ At this critical moment of our planet Earth, fellow initiates shared with Supreme Master Ching Hai all kinds of activities and services carried out by our centers around the world. Through God’s blessings and efforts ..(more)
02097-2 Kabir and the True Spirit of Sainthood
Highlights~ In this loving gathering, Supreme Master Ching Hai read a poem written by Saint Kabir. Master encouraged us that everyone can be a Saint. She said, "There's no mystical thing about being a saint. Nothing at ..(more)