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02063-1e The Guardian Angels God Bestows Upon Humans
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lecture: "Animals are the helpers, friends and protectors of humans. They come with gifts, unconditionally, and bring great benefit to humans, regardless of whether we feel thankful or even know about ..(more)
02083-V0807 Keeping Faith In Difficult Times
The Supreme Master Ching Hai meets with a group of disciples in a warm and relaxed atmosphere in Paris center, light heartedly and humorously sharing conversation and life experiences. Master speaks of many things including global warming issues and world peace, noting ..(more)
02094-1c World of Elevating Spirits
Highlights During the 2007 Christmas gathering, initiates passionately reported various snippets of good news from around the world. After seeing the incredible pace of many countries’ development, Supreme Master Ching Hai happily ..(more)
02095-1 All Peaceful Religions Lead to a United Way of Life
Highlights The ancient order of the Essenes originating around 300 B.C. was a sacred brotherhood which practiced the Quan Yin Method for enlightenment. The remarkable similarities between the Essenes and the modern-day Quan Yin ..(more)
02096 Create a Beautiful and Virtuous World Together
Highlights~ At this critical moment of our planet Earth, fellow initiates shared with Supreme Master Ching Hai all kinds of activities and services carried out by our centers around the world. Through God’s blessings and efforts ..(more)
02097-2 Kabir and the True Spirit of Sainthood
Highlights~ In this loving gathering, Supreme Master Ching Hai read a poem written by Saint Kabir. Master encouraged us that everyone can be a Saint. She said, "There's no mystical thing about being a saint. Nothing at ..(more)
02098-1 Rise above death
Highlights Supreme Master Ching Hai walks us through the understanding of the deep poetic truths that are locked in the scriptures of the ancient gurus – in this case the Indian poet Kabir. It is within these teachings that we can ..(more)
02098-2 Laugh Your Way to Heaven
Highlights~ Supreme Master Ching Hai talks about a variety of topics with much humor and laughter. For example, on the theme of gender, She jokes, “In the world, 1/4 of the population look like women but they are not women ..(more)
02098-3 Live in Joy
Highlights~ Supreme Master Ching Hai delicately chooses many jokes as gifts of joy for this mundane world. For example, a lion asks every animal he meets, “who is the strongest in the woods?” and gets a surprising answer from an ..(more)
02103 Go All Out To Resolve The Ecocrisis
Highlights~ Right now our earth’s situation is really urgent. The solution is simple: Stop eating meat, use sustainable energy, bio-degradable products and plant trees. Then naturally the planet will return to its state of harmony and ..(more)
02104 Changing the World with Love
Highlights~ Supreme Master Ching Hai tells a story about a wealthy prince who renounced the world and explains that attaining enlightenment is not determined by one’s wealth, position or background. Whoever sincerely seeks the ..(more)
02125 The Ego is the Greatest Enemy
You will be inspired by these moving, intimate encounters between Supreme Master Ching Hai and Association members, whereby she speaks frankly about karma, the ego and the current state of our planet, offering inspirational anecdotes and wise words. The Supreme ..(more)
02127 Purity of Heart Can Create Many Miracles
Highlights~ Have you ever dreamt of visiting the stars and other planets? In this lecture between Supreme Master Ching Hai and disciples, one disciple tells of his amazing experiences in practicing the Quan Yin method and the many ..(more)
02127-2-V0971 Rumi's Poem: As the Orchard is with the Rain
During an international gathering with Association members, Supreme Master Ching Hai shares the poem, “As the Orchard Is with the Rain,” by Sufi Master Rumi. In this poem, Noah compares his longing for God to the need of the orchard for rain. The Supreme Master ..(more)
02128-V0880 Fall into the Safety of God
What different kinds of breatharians exist and what is a true breatharian? What can we do to become a true breatharian? During this international seminar, Supreme Master Ching Hai reveals the secrets of breatharians and shares with association members Her own journey ..(more)