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00497 What Is a Correct Vegetarian Diet?
In the early years when Master had just started Her mission in Formosa, the pure vegetarian diet was still not popular, and it was difficult to find pure vegetarian food. As such, fellow initiates discussed this problem at the group meditation and reminded ..(more)
00499 Why Illness Can Be A Blessing
Why is it said, “troubles are Bodhi and sufferings are blessings?” Master commented, , “Whatever situation we are in, we should accept it, so it would turn to be ..(more)
00500 Master's Omnipotent Power Will Arrange Everything for Us
Master reminded fellow initiates to be cautious in spiritual practice and pay attention to the ingredients of food. She said, “If we eat any animal product, we have to bear a lot of karma. These foods are not free. They cost the animals’ lives! Anything that’s related ..(more)
00532 A Mother's Heart
At a gathering just after the Penghu lecture, disciples had a happy time talking to Master about their trip. The sea journey to Penghu was an adventure amidst gusty winds and huge waves, but our fellow initiates were not intimidated. Some of them saw Master’s ..(more)
00534 The Wise Choice
Master tells interesting stories about the quest for God and reminds us that God is within us. Whatever we pray for, we should try to find it inwardly. Longing for the most beautiful things, we should look within us. Seeking the Almighty Power, we ..(more)
00539 The Standard Of Judging Civilization’s Levels & How to Work for Master
Highlights Are a powerful army and advanced weapons sufficient to defend our country? How can we tell whether a country is civilized and blessed with merits? Master says we cannot judge by wealth or material progress. Instead, we should observe ..(more)
00567  Ego and Sound Meditation
Spiritual practitioners mustn't have ego. With ego, we can not be liberated from sufferings of three evil. Where does ego come from? How to eliminate the coarse ego and the subtle ego that is difficult to identify? Supreme Master Ching Hai points out that we can say ego is a ..(more)
00578 The Silver Cord of Immortality
What is the “silver cord” and how does it relate to the fact that most people suffer at the time of death? How can one keep the silver cord unbroken forever? Why do initiates never die, and why are people are really dead only when the cord is severed? Why are people ..(more)
00579 The Number of Enlightened Masters in the Universe and the Merit of Keeping the Five Precepts 
Do you know how many enlightened Masters there are in the universe? What merits can one gain by keeping the Precepts? Most chosen enlightened Masters are Buddhas from ancient times. There are just a few even if they are chosen multiple times. Others seem to have less ..(more)
00580 Why Can We Become Buddha
Why can we become Buddha? If we guide our mind to the magnetic field, thinking, manner, precepts and life style of a Buddha, then of course we can become Buddha in future lifetimes. As long as we control our action, speech and mind, having the same virtuous heart as ..(more)
00678 The Outfit Of Buddhas’s Mind.&The Story Of Practice In Mt. Chee
If we get angry or need someone to accompany us, to accommodate our mood or opinion, then we still operate by ego. Do worldly love, power and possession bring security? Why worries are Bodhi? Master explained why ..(more)
00709 We Need to Understand the Karma to Distinguish Between Good and Bad
Highlights: Supreme Master Qing Hai reminds us with the example of Tolstoy's novel: if we do not know the past karma and interfere with other’s actions, those karmas will become ours, because we have caused more ..(more)
00860 God Is Everything
Highlights~ "...So in that case one more person practice, one more light to the world. So that's why we should find any opportunity to encourage people to follow the path of renunciation. We renounce our ego only; I never ask you to renounce your ..(more)
00887 Be Independent and We Will Be One with God
Highlights~ Master discusses the psychological aspects of possessive tendencies and insecurities, to present to us the picture of what people can be, how they can behave and how they sometimes hold themselves and others back, by not improving their ..(more)
00953 Appreciation Of Gibran's Poems
Highlights: Would you like to know the last conversation between Master Gibran and his disciples before Gibran went to Nirvana? Supreme Master Qing Hai shared some poems above love from Gibran’s book The ..(more)