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01003-V0186 The Clothing of a Living Master
How do we determine if one is an enlightened Master? Do the appearance and clothing of a living Master represent his level? Supreme Master Ching Hai pointed out that wearing certain clothes or not doesn’t decide whether he is a Master. We should look at his quality, ..(more)
01009 A Speech Prior To Initiation
Why must people who have received initiation into the Quan Yin Method observe the Five precepts? What are the consequences of failing to observe the precepts? There are innumerable planets in the universe, some superior and some of lower levels. Do you want ..(more)
01012 The Truth About The World
1.Sometimes there are several kinds of obstacles in spiritual practice -- obstacles from oneself, others and uncontrollable emotions. When we think of Buddha, brimming ..(more)
01058-V0205 Deep Meaning in the Laughter of Zen Master Huang-Po
After being “offended” by his disciple Lin-Ji, Zen Master Huang-Po burst into laughter instead of getting angry. Do you want to know about the deep meaning in this? In this lecture, Supreme Master Ching Hai will reveal the Zen meaning behind the laughter of Zen Master ..(more)
01062 The Difference Between Transformation Body and Ghost
Highlights: Supreme Master Ching Hai tells us aninteresting story about an adventure to Tibet made by Ms. Alexandra David-Neel, who is famous around the world as the first European woman ..(more)
01075 Why Didn't Buddha Save The Beings From Hell & Master Gave Lecture After Initiation
Highlights: Why don’t Bodhisattvas save beings out from hell? That’s because those beings don’t have enough human quality yet. They still have the so called devil spirit. If they are let out and up here, they will harm the human world. Hell is also a kind of ..(more)
01111-V0240 Leading the World into a New Era
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's lecture: Our life, our time here, is very short so we have to make the best use of it. Don't ask people to serve us. We have to ask how we can serve people all the time and we'll never go wrong. What do we need, that people ..(more)
01112 The Highest Communicative Method In The Universe
It's difficult to communicate in this world even when we speak the same language. But in the Pureland or heavenly kingdom, we can understand each other even without speaking ; Supreme Master Ching Hai reveals that in the ..(more)
01114-V0241 The Same Method but Different Master Power
Why do some initiates, who had practiced some very well-known methods before, appreciate so much, so much the Quan Yin Method taught by Master? Supreme Master Ching Hai points out that it’s because we talk from our heart, from our own realization of the Tao. Even if ..(more)
01120 Non-Corruptive Spirit & Inter Planetary Diplomatically
Many planets and worlds are mentioned in the Buddhist Sutra, and the media have also reported about UFO and extraterrestrial beings. How could we become a part of the inter-planetary alliance? Supreme Master Ching Hai points out that the extraterrestrial beings dare not yet ..(more)
01183 The Fish with One Hundred  Heads + The Heart of the Enlightened
What bad karma has the most knowledgeable man named Kapili created that led him to be incarnated as a fish with a hundred heads? Supreme Master Ching Hai told us a Buddhist story to remind us that we ..(more)
01244 God, The Tao, Creates & Takes Care Of The Whole Universe.Encountering Difficulties Makes Your Faith Stronger
We have to be full of the positive and loving energy inside to overcome the negative force. Otherwise, if our positive energy is weaker than the negative one, then we are overwhelmed by it. Understand? And our whole life will be pressed down. Sometimes we are born into a ..(more)
01258-V0333 How Suffering Can Lead Us to Happiness
In this world have found a lot of suffering as well as happiness. Most of the people would like to know why there is suffering and how to find happiness. The question, to me, is not to eliminate so much of the ..(more)
01335 The More We Meditate,The Purer Our Heart Will Be
Highlights You should meditate more! Without meditation, you not only cannot perform your tasks well, but also feel uncomfortable inside. When you meditate more, you can see through everything and have a light spirit. You will be like a kid, talking and working in a ..(more)
01383-V0400 A Passionate Evening
The good news is that we can all take part in bringing peace and beauty to the world! With the spirit of true compassion, we can be God’s instrument to elevate the world in a natural and selfless way. Helping others brings more meaning and joy to our lives, and reveals ..(more)