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01906-3c Master's Power Takes Care of Everything
Confronted with the ephemeral happenings of this world, how can spiritual practitioners develop a positive attitude to surmount such ordeals? How should we equip ourselves with knowledge and prepare ourselves psychologically once we have selected a pet animal ..(more)
01907-1-V0712 The Divine Intelligence of Animals
If you want to buy a pet, if you want to rescue one, or if someone gives one to you, you have to know in advance whether you can commit to keeping it. It's a living creature, a being, exactly like us, but just a little more gifted with intuition and sharper ..(more)
01907-2-V0713 Love is the Master
In a cool Florida morning, Master met with disciples in a relaxed atmosphere and patiently answered all questions. When asked about God, Master said: “…, the light is the Master. The sound is the Master. The love you feel is the Master… Love is most important, the ..(more)
01908-V0714 Dogs Are Wonderful Beings
Dogs are God's creation as well, perhaps souls with a higher understanding than that of what we can imagine. We should realize that having a pet is a privilege and they should not to be unappreciated. They offer to us humans more than what often some people can ..(more)
01909 Love Is Always Good
Highlights~ Any time one of our spiritual people has a child, welcome him, help him, help her in any way you can, with no criticism, no black thinking, or it will be very bad for you, because you're going to encounter that kind of situation ..(more)
01910-V0716 A Natural Way to Love God
Highlights~ The law of God is "As you think, so shall you become." Keep thinking, keep thinking, until your thinking power becomes very strong, and then you are that...The power of creation is inside you, in your head, in your brain, in ..(more)
01911-V0719 Overcoming Bad Habits
Q:How can we help others to overcome their addictions? M:Oh! Like drugs and alcohol? Well, just encourage them if they want to stop. Most people drink because they have been habituated. Also, they feel life is ..(more)
01912-V0733 To Live With Noble Purpose
Even if we are not together, physically, we're always together in noble purposes. I trust you do the same at home, no? Helping, right? Helping others in any way we can, spiritually and materially, right? You have to sit with no motive, except to pray for ..(more)
01920 A Humble Way of Life
Highlights~ Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lecture “You could have gone on holiday with all the money you spend. So for you to forsake all this, and to spend wisely on your spiritual nourishment, you must be really saint, you must be ..(more)
01929-1c To Practice with Ease
Highlights Are the unusual changes now occurring in the earth's climate related to karma? How should we respond to a drought? Master teaches us a secret way to survive a drought by saving up water. Have you heard Master tell stories about the rise ..(more)
01929-3e-V0736 The Illusionary Game of Life
In a joyous and relaxing atmosphere, Master met with fellow practitioners in Florida Center during Master's birthday celebration in May, 2002. Master eloquently spoke about the different races of people by using examples of various desserts. She then related ..(more)
01930 Master's Transmation Body
Some fellow initiates see Master’s transcendental body when they meditate at home. Sometimes the transcendental body would talk to them. They don’t just see the transcendental body in their visions, they can also see Her when they open their eyes, like I am seeing you now. ..(more)
01931-V0747 Children of the Dragon and Fairy
Excerpt from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture: "... Au Lac is a good name indeed. "Au Co Lac Nghiep." Au Co (the fairy) and Lac Long Quan (the dragon) are our ancestors. It means we are the children of the fairy and the ..(more)
01947-V0768 Life is More Simple When You Listen to God
When we attend a retreat we should leave our daily mundane problems at home. Retreat is our precious time for communion with God in order to reach a higher level. It’s our sacred time, our rare chance to progress quickly in the presence of ..(more)
02024-V0992 Dedicated to a Good Cause
Why do enlightened Masters descend to this world all the time? Why should we follow the teachings of the Masters? Good news makes people feel happy; bad news makes people feel heavy. Because of this, the Supreme Master Ching Hai offers an oasis in the news world, ..(more)