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01317-V0375 To Live A Balanced Life In This World And Heaven
"When we want to find happiness in our life, we should live a balanced life. Many of us live a life of too much materialistic and we have forgotten the real spirit, the real self inside us. That's why we have tried very hard and our world has not been very progressed. ..(more)
01322-V0377 Enlightenment--The Way To Get Out Of The Life and Death Cycle
what is the life-shortening process, maybe you want to know.In the beginning when men were first appeared on this planet,they did not need to eat anything. And then afterwards,...And they lived in glory and light, and heavenly music, that's their food. And then ..(more)
01325-V0378 The Heavenly Melodious Teaching
In the old time we can communicate with heavens easily. And we see all kind of golry or the heavenly beings of Buddha land's people. And we can hear the teaching of heaven in the form of ... speechless communication. And this kind of ..(more)
01371_V0396 Forgive Yourself
The disciples should know, Milarepa, no? I told many stories. Okay, now. Even that great yogi of Tibet, his possession consisted of maybe a pot and the Bhagavad Gita .Now, in that book it is mentioned, not only the food that we should first prepare it in the spirit ..(more)
01373-V0397 Have No Illusion About Enlightenment
We have been always enlightened, we are always enlightened. Just a little bit obscurity, and that is what it is. It is not easy to bring home this abstract ideas with simple and ordinary words .But when we understood that, it is deep inside us and it become part ..(more)
01380-V0399 We Cannot Have Peace, Until All Are At Peace
If we had some portion of the enlightened experiences, but we do not know how to go further with it, or how to nourish it, or how to live with it, or to integrate these enlightened wisdom into our daily productivity in order to serve the world. We must ..(more)
01537-1-V0474 Follow Your Heart
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's lecture The best thing is that you meditate, all of you. And if we have a connection inside, every time you ask a question, if you really sincerely concentrate inside, the answer will come right away. Before you've finished ..(more)
01801A-V0644 In Silence We Know God
During a European Lecture tour, Supreme Master Ching Hai accepted the invitation from sincere truth seekers to make a stopover in Madrid, Spain. In this wisdom-filled talk, the Supreme Master conveys in simplicity and clarity to the Spanish audience the way to know ..(more)
01802-V0645 Connecting Yourself with God(1)
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture: Meditation on God, some people call it "prayers," some people call it contemplation," some people call it "going inward," some people call it "connecting yourself with God," etc. But meditation is a must. Without ..(more)
01811-V0652 The True Essence of Our Being
Supreme Master Ching Hai arrived in the beautiful city Budapest, Hungary, to tell the public that the purpose of the soul coming into this world is to find God, and nothing else will make it happy until it finds God again. But when we are in this physical world and ..(more)
01818-V0656 Spirituality Shines in Adversities
In this lecture the Supreme Master Ching Hai talks about the benefits of spiritual practice and how to overcome war and suffering. Here Master speaks about the potential war has to inspire people to seek God and peace. Master says: "Because after disaster, we tend to ..(more)
01819-V0662 Face Life with Courage
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture: Spirituality has two aspects: one is theory, and the other is practice. The theoretical aspect is what introduces us to God, Heaven, bliss, everlasting life and "seeing God while living." For example, it's just like ..(more)
01859-V0676 Parliament of the World's Religions
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture: I prayed to God before I even came here, for your land and for the world, as always. I told Hirm: "Father, You know everything. You grant our wishes before we even make them. And whatever You arrange for us should be ..(more)
01871-V0690 True Happiness Is Recognizing Our True Nature
Master delivered this lecture in Hong Kong in a straightforward and vibrant manner, which was very concise yet profound in meaning. Citing the examples of ancient sages and familiar phenomena from daily life, Master enlightens the audience about how to find true ..(more)
01873 Listening Inwardly To Our Self-Nature
As the Buddhist doctrines say, "Put down the butcher's knife, and become a Buddha immediately." This does not mean that we have to wait until we put down the butcher's knife to become a Buddha. No! We only need to turn within and "listen inwardly to ..(more)