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00523 The Meaning of a Monastic Life
Highlights: In India, the monks think that being a monk is their responsibility. They think ..(more)
00524 Spreading the Truth is the Highest Form of Merit
Highlights: Shakyamuni Buddha said in the Diamond Sutra that 'teaching Dharma is the highest form ..(more)
00525 Secret Method of Longevity
Every material thing in this world is created with a purpose. Some are to give us ease and peaceful mind, while others are to test our judgment. Meat, cigarettes and liquor are to test our wisdom of judgment. Every one of us has a destined life. Let’s say most people can live ..(more)
00527 The Confucianism in Chinese Philosophy
-Highlights In the profound Chinese philosophy, there are scriptures from Lao Tzu, Confucius, Chuang Tzu and many other great ancient philosophers, which have attracted great interests of research scholars from many ..(more)
00528  Confucius Is Also a Spiritual Practitioner
Highlights Many people misunderstand Confucius as an ordinary teacher who taught people only good thoughts such as benevolence, righteousness, propriety, intelligence and trust, ..(more)
00529 Humility Is The Basic Foundation Of Spiritual Practice
Through one of Sakyamuni Buddha’s past life story that he worshipped a hungry ghost as his teacher, Supreme Master Ching Hai reminded us that we must be humble so that we can see the Truth. If we ..(more)
00530 How To Achieve Eternity
Highlights: This world was created originally for to learn virtues, and to wake us up so that we can search inside. But we ..(more)
00531 Quan Yin Method Is The Method Of Loving Power
We can say that Quan Yin Method is the Method of Love. Even the love of this world between a man and a woman can make us ..(more)
00544 Lecture In Prison : The Real Meaning Of Freedom
Supreme Master Ching Hai is always concerned about the inmates, she personally visited them in prison and gave lectures to male and female inmates separately. Supreme Master encourages the audience: ..(more)
00545 The Precepts, Meditation and Wisdom
When we don’t forgive ourselves, even if we have good experiences, and we go to high realms in meditation, our conscious will not accept them. It will say to you, “You are such a bad person. You ..(more)
00546_V0064 Sincerity and Determination are Essential to Knowing God
When we listen to the Dharma, read the Sutras, or learn from someone, we should pay attention with sincerity, concentration and respect in order to make judgments; if what we’re hearing or reading is correct, we’ll be able to understand it due to our sincerity and ..(more)
00547_V0065 An Enlightened Master is Essential in Pursuing Spiritual Practice
Due to the action of our conscience over many lifetimes, we accumulate negative influences in our subconscious minds, which record all of our behaviors. Thus, when we do good deeds we may become arrogant, complacent, and unable to humble ourselves enough to search for a ..(more)
00549 The Way to Find Your Inner Peace
What is the way to keep us peaceful, to lessen social or work pressure? When we are sincere and connect with our inner power, it will ..(more)
00550 The Mystery Of The Law Of Creation
Summary~ Why should we have a living Enlightened Master in order to transmit God’s power into our world? We hear that God’s power is omnipresent, —why should this power work through a ..(more)
00555 Why We Need to Receive Initiation
If we trust and admire Master very much and deeply understand Master’s teachings, do we still need to get initiated from Master? What is the huge difference between initiation and no initiation? Supreme Master Ching Hai reminds us that even if the initiates don’t believe in ..(more)