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00714 To Love Others Is To Love Oneself
The king of Maya has much authority. He controls the Three Worlds, not just the first, not just our world, but all within the Three Worlds, including the astral realm, the karmic realm, and the Brahma realm. The Brahma realm refers to the Third World. It’s great. Even so, it ..(more)
00715 Jokes About The 32 Holy Countenance
Highlight: We all praise that Shakyamuni Buddha had thirty-two good appearances. Do you know what the thirty-two good appearances are? Why are most of them animal appearances? Shouldn’t spiritual practice go beyond images of human and the three world? Why is there still ..(more)
00949 Make Use of Your Almighty Power
Highlighted What is the difference between those who have found their own almighty power and the ordinary people? A living master or a fully enlightened person knows how to make use of their own inner almighty power. He may sit in one place while his transformation ..(more)
00950 Meditation Is The Source Of Love
Highlights: Why can Supreme Master Qing Hai give out her boundless love to take care of so many people and does not feel her love diminished ? Supreme Master reveals that the ..(more)
01074 The Real Self & TheChoice Of The Subconsciouness
Some people can see our past and future like the ones I talked about. Please don’t think it’s strange. It’s not. It’s a like using a computer. We can see the physical computer with our physical eyes. To see the invisible ..(more)
01078_V0217 To Realize The Essence Of All Religions Is Through Enlightenment
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Lecture: I think our world needs to change. Whatever we can change, we should do it. Because there are many other planets, many other worlds, and compared to them, our planet is somewhat backward. At times, it’s been reported ..(more)
01081-1-V0221 The Best Way To Grow In Wisdom(1/2)
We recite Sutras in order to know Buddha’s scriptures and teachings. This is the right way of reciting. If we understand what is written in the scriptures, our morality will grow and we will wish to practice spiritually; thus we will get a little closer towards Buddha ..(more)
01081-2-V0221 The Best Way To Grow In Wisdom(2/2)
Most people don’t reject spiritual practice, but they are just rather weak-hearted and easy to be influenced. They dare not make their own decisions because they are used to others' influences since childhood. They seldom have their own opinions or they follow the ..(more)
01242  Lao Tze, Chuang Tze & The Heavenly Music
What is the heavenly music? Supreme Master Ching Hai quoted ancient sages and texts to confirm that Quan Yin Method is the only method that can take us to the highest realm. Many enlightened Masters since ancient times all mentioned the heavenly music. Chuang ..(more)
01250-V0327 What Makes a Country Great
Just exactly what makes a country in a higher consciousness than another country? First, the government must be wise; they let other good influences come to their land, and they’re willing to learn and to sacrifice for the people. They show the people an ..(more)
01251_V0328 Surrendering to God's Will Is Freedom
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Lecture: Well, we thought after enlightenment we become free, we can do what we want and, very freely decide what we do in our life! Yes, we are free, very much free, because we don't take any more responsibility upon our ..(more)
01307-V0370 The Spirit that Dwells Within
This world has not become heaven because we have not used heavenly power within each of us. and we have not been so advanced like the life in heaven, it is our fault. Nevertheless we can go to heaven everyday and learn some wisdom. And be trained again in our ability ..(more)
01312-V0373 Above the Intellect
The way of the world is to be done through different languages, and relying on many different technical equipment. Still sometimes we have difficulty to understand each other. Therefore we have war, we have conflicts, we ..(more)
01317-V0375 To Live A Balanced Life In This World And Heaven
"When we want to find happiness in our life, we should live a balanced life. Many of us live a life of too much materialistic and we have forgotten the real spirit, the real self inside us. That's why we have tried very hard and our world has not been very progressed. ..(more)
01322-V0377 Enlightenment--The Way To Get Out Of The Life and Death Cycle
what is the life-shortening process, maybe you want to know.In the beginning when men were first appeared on this planet,they did not need to eat anything. And then afterwards,...And they lived in glory and light, and heavenly music, that's their food. And then ..(more)