Video-1056 Take Eco-Action to Protect Our Planet
Video-1056 Take Eco-Action to Protect Our Planet
No. 1056
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2015.08.01 Afternoon
Place / (France)
Language / English
Time (mins) / 64,55
Published date / 2015.12
Updated date / 2017.11
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  • Summary

During this international gathering, Supreme Master Ching Hai and Association members spoke fervently about how to be environmentally friendly and how to put ideas into practice to help the Earth. The Supreme Master shared many resource-saving insights such as using just a portion of a tissue according to one's need rather than the whole tissue at once; replacing traditional light bulbs with energy saving ones to reduce energy use and electrical bills; turning off lights when not in use; collecting rain water to cultivate organic vegetables; using solar power, etc.

The Supreme Master further advised that even if we can afford it we should not waste water, electricity or any other resources, because everything is connected. The world we live in is like a huge community; we need to be careful when using what comes from the Earth. It is not just about money. If we waste too much, the karma (retribution) comes, which we will need to pay off in the future. Hence, the Supreme Master conveyed her hope that all Association members would put into practice her many years of teachings by being good and considerate persons on this planet who are also loving, kind and protective of the environment.

Moreover, in many countries such as Germany, France, Russia, Iceland, Canada, China and Formosa (Taiwan), the vegan lifestyle and animal protection is becoming mainstream. The Supreme Master expressed hope that all nations’ leaders would follow the vegan diet and stop killing so they could earn more merits and live longer, and so their countries would have peace and prosper.

  1. Everything's connected on this planet, so everything I use, I use with gratitude, with gladness, and also with humility that I'm so lucky to be able to live in such an environment where I can have clean water, readily useable water.
  2. We live in a community. The world is a community. We save whatever’s possible, so that everyone else also might have a little chance to use something. Not because we could afford it, then we just go berserk, using anything and throwing away everything and wasting everything. It's not like that. It's not just about karma. It's not just about money. So you understand now. Be careful with whatever you use on this planet. The more we use from this planet, the more we have to pay; not just money, but karma, terrible karma coming. Then if you happen to be born again for any reason, you'll be short of everything that you have wasted, and multifold more.
  3. The spiritual things are more important, the precepts, the way of life, the gentleness inside your heart, the loving kindness to everyone else and all beings. These efforts are even more important, more urgent all the time.
  4. I think everywhere they should abolish the zoo. Because the animals don't belong in such a small cage with stagnant water to drink and to swim in. They should belong to the big grandeur of nature where they can live freely and show their own power and personality and develop their own way of life with their family. This is terrible, to have animals in the zoo. So I think the zoos should be zero, abolished, gone, finished!
  5. My heart is really sincere. Every day I pray. I pray for the universe and for your world. For this world. Every day I meditate a lot, a lot with just one single attention - just to help with the higher energy from the Original Universe. Every day I thank the Councils and thank the power of God and the Cosmos for helping humankind to become more enlightened, more loving and peaceful. Every day. Every day, I never fail to thank Them.