Video-1031 Upgrade Yourself into a Very Noble, Selfless Being
Video-1031 Upgrade Yourself into a Very Noble, Selfless Being
No. 1031
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2013.07.29
Place / (France)
Language / English
Time (mins) / 35,41
Published date / 2017.10
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  • Summary

During the gathering, Supreme Master Ching Hai repeatedly reminded disciples to meditate more and train themselves to accept any situation. Situations happen to make us stronger spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, psychologically and physically and enable us to become more talented and helpful to others.

Supreme Master Ching Hai reaffirmed that the purpose of initiation is to achieve the highest level of spiritual freedom, rather than a smooth mundane life and material enjoyment. We should know that nothing is permanent, and every cause will have its effect. We do whatever is necessary rather than pray to Master for every trivial thing, abusing Master's power and making ourselves lazy and timid. If we really want to pray, just ask God: "Anything that is good for me, please let it happen."

Practitioners need to do their homework: do more meditation, and always check themselves. They should have gratitude, and strive to elevate themselves to become noble beings with selfless dedication. They should be benevolent to others, and take others into consideration in every action.

  1. Everything is ephemeral. One day we will all depart from the world leaving everything behind. What we should really worry about is: where will we go and what can we take with us? That’s why the Supreme Master constantly reminds people of the importance of meditation. We must keep our connection with our true home before it’s too late.
  2. Living in this world, we must always train ourselves to accept situations instead of asking to be given help all the time. We should try to improve situations instead of waiting for someone to take care of us. We should regard any situation as a challenge bestowed upon us by God, or as an opportunity to cleanse our own karma. We should solve the problems with more meditation and wisdom obtained via enlightenment, rather than casually praying to the power of the Master to solve the trivial problems in life.
  3. During initiation, Master only promises to lead the disciple to know his great self and obtain liberation. Do not always ask the Master to do things. We’ll get whatever we pray for. But we should think clearly what we want before we pray.
  4. Master revealed that if we keep the precepts, there will be angels to protect us. We need to ensure that we eat a pure vegan diet and do enough meditation, then big situations will turn into small ones and small situations will dissipate.
  5. Maya, the world's negative power requires all beings in the world to be treated fairly. We can do anything, but we will have to pay the relative price.
  6. Why do some disciples still run into troubles even though they keep the precepts, follow a vegan diet and meditate well? Why can predicaments raise one’s spiritual level? What is the cost of exchanging worldly comforts and smoothness with spiritual points? What is the effect of abusing Master's blessings for mundane purposes? Please listen to the Supreme Master’s discourse on the profound meaning of "trouble is Bodhi".
  7. Our life is very precious! Please make good use of every moment in the world, and strive to elevate spirituality. Please don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your spirituality because of the temptations of the world.
  8. Is the merit of meditation enough to repay the grace of people in the world? Master reminded disciples not to be conceited due to their spiritual practice. We do not own anything in the world, instead, we owe a lot to the world. Without help from doctors, farmers, janitors and other people, we simply cannot survive. We should be grateful to the world and all the people around us.
  9. Why do some children flee home? The Supreme Master encourages parents to be loving and reasonable. They should be friends with their children instead of dictators at home. Whether their karma with their children is good or bad, they should try to accept them. Only good parents can help another soul to become a good person.