Video-S8 Cherish God’s Grace on Earth to Ascend Quickly
Video-S8 Cherish God’s Grace on Earth to Ascend Quickly
No. S8
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2005.02.27
Place / Hungary Center
Language / English
Time (mins) / 37,32,32,32,37
Published date / 2019.10
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The ones who are lifted up to the Fifth level by grace, by help from the Master, be aware! Anything can drag you down. People worship you, people prostrate to you, people offer you too much, you take things from people, or you use your position to bypass some spiritual law or something, then you will go, you’re gone. And suppose if you initiate people, and you think it’s you who initiate, you also go, very quick. Because the maya can deduct that. It’s the law.

If everybody did what I told, even if they were in Astral Level at the time I initiated them, they all go into Third Level now. I told you! Believe it! So if anybody’s still lagging now, it’s their own fault! So much blessing, so much gift have been given to them, and they don’t utilize it, or they waste it all on anything else except spiritual practice. That’s why they are still hanging around there. Anything below Third Level is maya. Even at the border, it’s not sure. You see, one step here, maya; one step here, Master; maya…Master. So you have to go high, understand? Otherwise, you cannot see me.

I'm not a Master, really. It's not my job. I come to repair the planet. Just by the way, I give you a lift Home because I'm going there. I'm going past your direction, past your House. Master is the job of the person on the Fifth Level, OK? But because it's already established like that, so I use that title to help you. But every country, every life I go on the planet, sometimes I use the title to work. Sometimes I don't. I am always a Master, of course, but not by profession. And sometimes it’s because if a mass, majority, then they call me Master. Of course, if I teach them meditation, they call me Master. But it doesn’t mean that I am the Master of the Fifth degree, the Fifth Level.

You go to wherever you attain. If you are Third Level at the time of death, you go to the Third Level, or I elevate you a little bit more. After you die, I give you one level more. You have choice because you are a free, free soul. When you go, for example, to Third Level, you are free already, and you can choose to stay there as a Third Level citizen forever. But the Third World is not forever. The Third World is the free world. It's a spiritual, also free world, but it's not made to stay forever. The Fourth Level is forever. The Fifth Level is forever.

(Have You always known that You were from higher than the Fifth level? From even before You were enlightened, then…) Before enlightened, no. Just like the journey, OK. The journey to my house from here…here, house, huh? And you were alongside here, here, here, yeah? So I was there with you. But I’m going and I’m taking you, and you will be here on the Fifth, and I go up. Understand? So, I know it or not, I was there with you, so that I can take you. It wasn’t my job, but I was there because I was doing the job there. So before that, I was with you down here, and then I’m going up now.