Video-1184 The Five Virtues of Confucianism
Video-1184 The Five Virtues of Confucianism
No. 1184
Category / 2018 New Videos Watch Online
Event date / 2019.02.02
Place / (Taiwan/Formosa) Hsihu
Language / Chinese,English
Time (mins) / 32,30,29,29,27
Published date / 2019.03
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Therefore, don’t buy products that contain honey for me. It’s not that I’m not appreciative. I appreciate you try to take care of me, even on minor details. It’s just that I don’t want to hurt others because of taking care of myself. In this way, we have real benevolence. If we’re benevolent, we should do it thoroughly. We should protect even small animals and insects. For example, if you see insects fall to the ground on the road, you quietly use the withered leaves to carry to the roadside, where there is grass and flowers so that they can have food to eat there. OK? For bees, it’s better not to move or touch them.

So a person who is vegan, practices spiritually and meditates is definitely a peaceful citizen. All governments should encourage their citizens to be vegan, Right? You see, it’s only one word – benevolence, and Confucius has taught us so much. Of course benevolence should include love for animals. To love those who are weaker is to be benevolent, isn’t it? You not only love those who are the same as you. If a country is already peaceful, then the neighboring country could learn from its example and have a good relationship with it. Then they would not make war against each others.

We have to be grateful not only to the living, but also the deceased. Spiritual practitioners, such as Quan Yin practitioners, are the most grateful and righteous. Because if we practice, our 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 generations would be elevated. If we practice well, if we have faith and practice diligently, of course all our ancestors would be elevated. We are the most grateful, not just benevolent; we are truly filial to our ancestors. We are grateful to benefactors and we repay them all. We also have enough power to repay them.

Showing courtesy to people is always good for us. People would respect us. So it’s also a kind of charity to treat people nicely and politely. Sharing a happy atmosphere is also benevolence. Treat people nicely to cheer them up. Let them laugh joyously amid this suffocating life and become more cheerful. This is also a kind of benevolence. No wonder Confucius was so enlightened. He put benevolence as number one. If we have no benevolence, the other qualities will not develop. In fact, benevolence alone is sufficient.

Sakyamuni Buddha practiced so hard to become a Buddha only because He wanted to help sentient beings. Left after life, He was also reborn as animals, humans and heavenly beings to have affinity with them. So that He could help them after He became a Buddha. So, we practice spiritually to attain wisdom. There is power within the wisdom. Without the true inner wisdom, there is no inner power. This wisdom also includes the inner power, the spiritual power and our innate power. Therefore, wisdom is also included in benevolence.