Video-1191 Taking Care of the Homeless As Our Family
Video-1191 Taking Care of the Homeless As Our Family
No. 1191
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2019.03.10
Place / Taiwan (Formosa)
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 37,35,36,37
Published date / 2019.08
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The true renunciates, who really listen to Buddha’s teachings and precepts, they can be liberated beyond the Three Worlds, not necessarily to the Fifth Level. And when you eat, you should make offering to all the Masters. Three timelines of Masters, from the past, present and future. If you don’t make offerings before eating, you would owe the world a lot. It’s OK to eat if you have made the offering. But this only applies to the vegans. It’s no use for the meat-eating people to make offerings before eating, because enlightened Masters do not eat meat. So, it’s useless to make such offerings to them.

They are renunciates with the ideal of putting everything down. We should respect that, respect their persistence and will power. You have to be strong to be able to renounce. They want to leave everything behind and be liberated from birth and death. So, you have to respect them. You have to help them to maintain their pure magnetic field. The karma of seducing a monk or a nun is very heavy. If you see some monks or nuns, and they need help, make offerings to them. And some homeless people; some of them are also renunciates. They prefer not to stay in the temple or to have anything to do with anyone, that's why they became street people. There are at least …at least ten or more of them; nineteen of them.

So, you would take care of the homeless when you go back, OK? (Yes.) I wanted to bring them all to Hsihu. But Foreign Group told me, “No need, Master. We will take care of them in our Centers.” OK, take care of them if you can. Otherwise, bring them to Hsihu. We have a lot of empty space there. Even if it’s just one cave or one tent for them, they could have their own place, without being pushed around and looked down upon by people. They would be happy, understand? (Yes.) If they complain, tell them that I also live in a tent.

That’s why in Mohism they say, “Society is the biggest Melting pot. ” The Earth Store Bodhisattva said it before. When He observed all beings in the world, there was not a single thought or action that was not creating karma. Buddhists, and that’s good. Taoism is also good, and so is Yi Guan Dao. Everybody can come out more to preach dharma and tell people to eat vegan. I’d like governments or related authorities, or leaders of all religions to advocate veganism. Don't let animals suffer so much. Then they create their own karma, from which they can never escape. But still, I need to remind you sometimes, to make you understand why we need to practice, why we must be vegan, and why we should protect others and animals. We are meant to be gentlemen.