Video-1153A Keep Replenishing Our Protection Power and Be Unconditional
Video-1153A Keep Replenishing Our Protection Power and Be Unconditional
No. 1153A
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2018.07.05
Language / English
Time (mins) / 31
Published date / 2019.05
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  • Summary

Here is the best for you. Outside maybe you earn a lot of money but then you will spend a lot also, sweating around just for something; not as good as here. Here you are working to spread the good teaching. That’s the best merit. If you don’t believe me, you ask the Buddha. You can ask the Sutra. The Sutra is what the Buddha pronounced. He said, “Donating Dharma,” meaning the True Teaching. It’s the best donation, the best offering. You get the best merit. Without any bad karma or good karma attached to it; means pure, pure spiritual merit. And then you can go up higher.

You work here; you have a lot of merits. Understand? The best merit you can have for yourself, and for your ancestors, and your parents. So, you are the most filial sons or daughters of your family. Even though you don’t earn money or give them material comfort, you do the best. Like the Buddha, like His monks. Understand? Even one of His monks rescued his mother from hell. You remember that story? Just because he was a monk, he had enough spiritual power. Also with the help of other monks. Even the Buddha said He cannot. Remember that?