Video-1176 The Surangama Sutra: The Demonic States of the Form and Feeling Skandhas
Video-1176 The Surangama Sutra: The Demonic States of the Form and Feeling Skandhas
No. 1176
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2018.12.26
Place / Taiwan (Formosa)
Language / English
Time (mins) / 41,37,36,35
Published date / 2019.07
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  • Summary

So, when you practice the Tao, or the Truth, or the Dharma, the Way, you will encounter ten kinds of samadhic experiences from inside. And then you may mistake these for some ultimate enlightenment. And thus, some of the demons who are correspondent to your state of mind or samadhic experience at that time, they may enter you. They may be around you. And then they will mislead you, make you think that you already attain the complete Tao or the complete enlightenment, but not yet. So, the Buddha warned His monks at that time. This is our ten states of mind.

But if your ego misleads you, makes you think that you are a sage, a saint, a higher-level saint, then the demons can come and make use of that and harm you. And spiritual loss is worse than losing a thousand lives, bodily. Very difficult to find that again. Very difficult to find a Master already. If you lose your spiritual power, it's even worse; then you cannot find another Master, because you will be so blurred now. You will not understand that you have to find a Master or anything, anymore. You're just completely mixed into the six paths of existence. You never think of anything spiritual or finding a Master even. You completely forget your purpose to be born as human.

When the person’s mind becomes clear, unveiled, bright and penetrating, an internal Light will shine forth and turn everything in the ten directions into the color of Jamburiver gold. All the various species of beings will be transformed into Tathagatas. He will see Vairochana Buddha seated upon a platform of celestial Light, surrounded by a thousand Buddhas. Further, the person uses his mind to investigate this clear discernment until the pure light no longer disperse. He will suddenly be able to see various things appear in a dark room at night, just as if it were daytime. This is a temporary state and does not indicate sagehood. If he considers himself a sage, then he will be under demonic influence.

Only the sage knows that. Even the sage incarnated into a human body still has this Bodhi seed inside; enlightening seed inside never dies. That’s why I told you, if you stay in this stage and if you die, you still can come back and continue. But if you’re too proud and believe you are a sage already, you’re cut off. Then you’re done. All the ghosts and demons will pounce upon you, take off all your merit, and you’ll be done with. So, the Buddha, although He had been reincarnating as animals, insects, and humans, even kings of Heaven, He had never forgotten.

Maya is as powerful as Buddha, It’s just he lacks love, he lacks compassion. Buddha has compassion and love and power. He (Maya) has only power. All kinds of things that are just eating up people and animals, all beings on this planet. And you do one thing wrong, you so another; one thing leads to another, and you just can’t get up. We are also accusing Maya, but actually he’s doing his job; he has to like that. Because of the situation that he created, it makes you feel loving and kind to the victims. And them beware yourself, what you are doing or not doing.

If you ever want to be a Buddha, it’s just because of your compassion. You wish that you could have some power, so you can help somehow. That is the only reason that you want to be a Buddha. Pray always for protection and help, so that your ego will not harm you in any way. So that your compassion will grow and grow and grow. So that wherever you go, you spiritual blessing and power will influence people for the better. We spiritual practitioners must have only one goal in mind: that’s to benefit others. A small way, a big way, whatever way we can. Better we don’t even know it, so our ego doesn’t make our nose become higher.

Fourth Level beginning is dark. Later on, your Light shines and everybody’s Light shines, so the whole Fourth Level is also very bright. Just the buffer zone is dark. That place is to stop any of the Three Worlds to enter the Fifth. That’s the border buffer zone, so nobody can enter the Fourth Level without a guide. Without Master, you can’t go there; no guarantee. You go there, you might be disintegrated or lost in this kind of memory sadness, whatever, forever.

I’m telling you the truth. Whatever happens, will happen. No hurry when you cannot walk. Then the demon will come and grasp you because of your hurriedness to want to be somebody in the universe. Just be cool; one step at a time. So, this is the problem when somebody is thinking that, due to this demonic influence, the one, the demon who’s so easily satisfied. It’s just a little accomplishment and he feels great already. So he influences this person, who may be too eager to become something. So, the demon will come and make you feel that you’re a Buddha already. And then you cannot help it, but boast to everybody that you are the Buddha.

Because our thoughts from life are endless. And so, we create endless forms and sceneries and stuff like that. Therefore, some of you, sometimes you sit in samadhi, you ask me, "Master, I saw some mountains and river and beautiful scenery." Not heaven-like, but normal. It's because your thought or your creative mind has been creating them. And the Master Power already cut a lot. Otherwise, I think you will go through 10 states and 12 states, I don't know when will you ever get out. Mesmerized by your own creation inside, thinking, "Wow! I am something already. I get to be Buddha tomorrow. Or maybe I'm already the Buddha, but Master doesn't want to tell me."