Video-0240 Leading the World into a New Era
Video-0240 Leading the World into a New Era
Category / Master and Disciple
Event date / 1992.04.10, 1992.05.08
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Hsihu
Language / English
Time (mins) / 113
Published date / 2001.10
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Our life, our time here in this world is very short; we have to make the best use of it. Don’t ask people to serve us; we have to ask how we can serve people. If we do it wholeheartedly, we will always feel fulfilled, satisfied. We provide for people, and God will provide for us; this is the way of working in the universe. We ought to be the forerunners, leaders of the world, leading the world into a new age with a new spirit of serving and loving each other. We have to show others how to be noble, how to sacrifice, and how to love. As long as we live, we must dedicate our whole to the goodness and progress of mankind, the whole world, and the whole universe. Our vision must be great, greater than life; must be so noble that we have nothing else to lose. We fear nothing in such greatness of a vision. Every obstacle becomes so small in such a vision. 

Topics addressed

1.  How can we truly “love thy neighbour”, and not just talk empty words?

2.  What should be our vision of the world in order to make our world a paradise?

3.  How can we live a meaningful life, and elevate ourselves to rise above an ordinary human being?

4.  Why is it necessary to first perfect the small things in order to accomplish great things?

5.  What is a “good person”? What kind of people would Master call “good people”?

6.  Many ancient civilisations that were once very advanced and glorious, finally fell. What was the reason?

7.  In the universal civilisation, many planets are progressing. Is our Earth also evolving in the same direction? Are the other planets friendly or hostile to us?

8.  Living in a world surrounded with so much pressure, violence, bad influence and injustice, how can we keep our spirit balanced and peaceful?

9.  Why do the Masters or enlightened saints find it too dangerous coming to this world?

10. Following a Master is to follow the Master’s teachings; is it also necessary to mind the Master’s appearance, fluency in speech, and number of disciples?