Video-1157A A Lively Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
Video-1157A A Lively Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
Category / 2018 New Videos Watch Online
Event date / 2018.09.23
Place / Taiwan (Formosa) Kaohsiung
Time (mins) / 18,19,25
Published date / 2019.09
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According to the Lunar calendar, the moon is the fullest on the 15th day of the 8th moon, which usually corresponds to sometime between September and October of the Gregorian calendar. On this day, our ancestors used to hold festivities in celebration of the harvest. Many Asian countries continue to celebrate this traditional holiday by spending happy times with families and friends, eating yummy mooncakes and gazing at the full moon. On September 23, 2018, our Association members from around the world held a mid-Autumn Festival celebration at Kaohsiung, Taiwan, also known as Formosa. This is the message from our Beloved Master: “Thank you! Have a good time. Love Love.”

The next program is also from our friends of Mongolia, who have brought us a Mongolian folk song “Noonzaya.” It is a ballad about missing one’s homeland. A beautiful and kind-hearted young lady Noonzaya was married to a faraway stranger as arranged by her parents. She missed her homeland and kinfolks dearly. Next, Taichung Center from Formosa (Taiwan) will present a short play, “The Three Moons of Li Bai.” This play has adapted Li Bai’s poem “Remembering Qin’e” into a song titled “Protecting the Glaciers.” It serves as a metaphor advocating that humans should love the earth and adopt veganism to protect the glaciers and the earth.

Next is the performance from China, which presents a song titled “Watching the Moon.” The song’s melody is smooth, the lyrics are warm, the meaning is profound. The song expresses the deep feelings, boundless praises and love towards our Master. “When I am looking at the moon, I am always thinking of You. When I am looking at You, I am thinking about the moon. In this world, the most beautiful is the moon. But the one that’s more beautiful than the moon is You. In the days without You, I often watch the moon. The pure and bright moonlight is like Your face.”