Video-1027(1.2) If We Are Virtuous, We Attract Blessings
Video-1027(1.2) If We Are Virtuous, We Attract Blessings
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2013.07.23
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Published date / 2017.03
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Do we have to lower our prices to attract customers when we open a vegan restaurant for promoting the healthy and compassionate diet? One international Association member shared many efficient and inspiring successful experiences.

Another Association member practices Supreme Master Ching Hai's teachings by spreading love to everyone, with love making all things more beautiful. Supreme Master mentioned: If you are a spiritual practitioner with the Quan Yin Method and you really uphold your moral standards along with your diligent practice, then everything will go well. Although we all have to share the karma around us at times, if our faith is strong, at the end there is always something to smile at and even laugh.

Supreme Master Television staff also spoke of many brilliant experiences behind the scenes of the musical "Loving the Silent Tears."

  1. It is your faith, perseverance and sincerity that attracts this equivalent quality of power -- if we are positive, we attract positive power; if we are virtuous and if we behave righteously, we attract these types of people and blessings. Sometimes we do a lot of good things because we know it’s worth our efforts. Yet we may still encounter obstructions if our present-life karma doesn’t allow us to achieve what we intend to do. Or, perhaps we have chosen this kind of situation for some purpose, be it to clean ourselves, elevate our spiritual level, or help others and share their karma.
  2. Life is worth living. Once you complete your responsibilities in this life time and God lets you leave, then you may leave. Otherwise, do not try to avoid your destined responsibilities, since many people still need you. Even if you don’t mind and you don’t care if you live or die, there might be people who still need you. For instance, you may help by spreading the Dharma (true teaching), by telling people to be good, to be vegetarian or vegan, or you may remind them of remembering God. This physical body is very useful so we should not forsake it at our own wish.
  3. It’s very difficult to do the work of God. Sometimes even if you just think of people who have negative power, the connection is already there. However, in this everyday reality, you cannot always avoid thinking of others since you don’t know if they are negative. If you think of someone and that person has bad energy or a low spiritual level, then the negative power may trouble you just from thinking of that person.
  4. During this gathering, Master and disciples discussed various subjects such as promoting veganism around the world; following Master’s teaching to love family members and obtain a happy marriage; how to manage vegan restaurants, and so on. Master suggested that the owners of vegan restaurants still have to make sufficient and reasonable profit to sustain the business, and to live in dignity to benefit more beings.
  5. One of our Association members shared many creative tips on managing vegan restaurants. For example, effective management; using machines to replace manpower; fast-food service; and delivering comprehensive service through careful observation of customers’ needs. His restaurant also provides meals to the homeless centers and likely disadvantaged groups to benefit those who have no money for food. Master complimented these intelligent and successful ideas.
  6. Master emphasized that the principle of doing things is to do everything right! Master said that we have to be loving but we must have wisdom as well.
  7. An Association member shared that during one assembly, Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama told the attendees to adopt vegetarianism or veganism as much as possible and that people should not eat meat to satisfy desires of the palate. Hence, more and more residents in the Chinese Tibetan area have begun eating vegetarian or vegan.
  8. Master revealed that many gods and goddesses together contributed to the “Loving the Silent Tears” musical, and that the Heavenly gods and goddesses enjoy watching such beautiful entertainment programs. In addition, Master also explained why all the artists that participated in the musical were so joyful. She wholeheartedly appreciated the love and dedication from those involved artists.