Video-1028 Master Dines with Supreme Master TV Staff at Loving Hut

Video-1028 Master Dines with Supreme Master TV Staff at Loving Hut
Video-1028 Master Dines with Supreme Master TV Staff at Loving Hut
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2013.07.25
Place / (Europe)
Language / English
Time (mins) / 64
Published date / 2017.04
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  • Summary

During the summer of Golden Year 10, the Supreme Master Ching Hai and Supreme Master Television staff gathered with immense joy at Loving Hut! The Supreme Master delighted all with her sense of humor and instant French lessons. She said, "The French people speak very elegantly. They are very proud of their language. Even if you speak brokenly, they like it."

A staff member shared the story of her encounter with an amazing customer. While she was wondering how this person could be so kind and bright like a goddess, the client spoke to her as if she read exactly what the staff person was thinking at the moment. The Supreme Master explained that sometimes gods and goddesses come to visit. This goddess wanted to encourage us to think positive and to be careful about what we think because our thoughts are transparent and other people can read them.

  1. Master invited the Supreme Master Television staff to eat together while being filmed during their gathering Supreme Master joked about letting the staff experience the uneasiness and a complete lack of privacy that comes from being constantly followed by a camera. Master also expressed her empathy for the politicians and leaders whose private lives are constantly photographed and in the public eye.
  2. What is the reason that non-initiated family members, friends or the public can see Master's manifested body, and why is it the initiates do not see? Master said, "But it's good like that. Because that way, they believe what you said is true. You believe already anyway, so whether you see or don’t see, doesn't matter too much. Because like Jesus said, ‘Blessed are the ones who don't see but believe.’ Therefore, even if you couldn't see, you believe more. Moreover, the outside people, or the non-initiates, they also get to believe something. It works both ways."
  3. Can Master set her infinite transformation bodies to meditate at all the spiritual Levels at the same time?
  4. We often use our love for Master as an excuse to do many strange and illogical things. The Supreme Master joked about such incidents and gave some examples from her life: an assistant who put a king-sized bed in Master's tiny wood house; someone who bought Master a car containing a lot of bullet holes; and a driver for Master who, on a narrow, steep mountain road, kept telling Master, "Don't worry, Master. I got it, I got it," while droving with just one hand.