Video-1009(1.2) Be Loving and Kind
Video-1009(1.2)  Be Loving and Kind
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2012.04.27,2012.04.28
Place / (Austria)
Language / English
Time (mins) / 143,87
Published date / 2013.08
Updated date / 2017.06
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Supreme Master Ching Hai encourages fellow practitioners never to give up hope even if we cannot meditate well. We should just continue, and one day we will break through. Even if we don't break through, Master promises to always be there and help us. Master also reminds that we should always speak positively, as the spiritual practitioner's speech is very powerful.

Master's picture is intended to remind us of how great we are: We can liberate ourselves, go to Heaven and even help the world. We should thus treat Master's pictures with all our love and respect and not for the purpose of material gain.

During this gathering, Master also explains how we can get along with each other as companions. In speaking about the inspiration for writing the song, “Talking to a Stone Buddha,” Master uplifts all as she spontaneously sings the song.



Supreme Master Ching Hai mentioned that humanity’s evolution toward loving kindness has nothing to do with the world adopting some type of system but depends entirely on whether we aspire to ascend to a higher spiritual realm. During the current period of grace, the Supreme Master can help all who are good at heart even if they still eat meat. Only those who kill people or slaughter animals in a grand scale must be excluded from the grace of Heaven.

Master also explained why we should not criticize Master, saying that enlightened masters have their own reasons and inner mission to fulfill in everything they do. Criticizing enlightened masters will make us lose a lot of merit.

During this special retreat, Master and fellow initiates also walked through the nearby forest trails, enjoying many relaxed and happy moments as they talked and laughed together in nature.