Video-0863(1.2) Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai: SOS—Save the Planet
Video-0863(1.2) Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai: SOS—Save the Planet
No. 863
Category / Video Conference
Event date / 2009.03.06
Place / (Mexico) Xalapa
Translation / Spanish
Language / English
Time (mins) / 100,84
Published date / 2009.09
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  • Summary

Held in Xalapa City, Mexico, this festive international conference features some very moving messages from prominent public figures from Mexico, Formosa (Taiwan), Philippines and the United Kingdom. All the speakers supported the green efforts of Supreme Master Ching Hai and agree that our days are numbered and we need to do something about the dire state of our planet.

Supreme Master Ching Hai encouraged the public to take responsibility for themselves and set an example for others or even their leaders. Adding, “The good leaders do care. They have children and they want to protect them and the future generations.” Hosting a range of enlightening questions from members of the audience, you will be both captivated and moved by her profound words of wisdom, such as: “Living in virtue is the only protection; these virtues will be smiled upon by Heaven. We have to respect life and then we will beget life.”

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