00827 Search for Truth by Starting with One’s Own Self
00827 Search for Truth by Starting with One’s Own Self
No. 00827
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Retreat
Event date / 19901001
Place / Hsihu,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 84
Publication No. / CD-mp3-CR09
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If I always give you good answers, then you can’t progress, so don’t be greedy for my wisdom.  You should be greedy for your own wisdom. If you have questions, just think about them and meditate on them, and you’ll soon have the answers. These answers are what I give you on the inside, and they are the best kinds of answers. They are your own possessions.  If you depend on my verbal answers, they’ll just be my possessions.  So the two situations are different.

Truth always shines through. It’s like the sun; nothing can cover it. Even if it’s covered for a short period of time, eventually its great power will make it break through. If we want to search for truth, we should start with our own Self; we should speak the truth, do the right deeds, and walk the true path. If we start by being crooked and telling lies, then when will we ever find Truth? If we want to go to the north, but we walk toward the south, then when will we ever reach the north? Lies and Truth are opposites; one is false and the other true. If we are searching for Truth, and we walk the false way, then when will we ever find Truth?  That’s why the ancient saying goes: “Cultivate one’s Self, and then one can harmonize one’s family, and then one can rule the nation and pacify the world.”

In the ancient Indian scripture, the Bhagavad Gita Sutra, it says, “There are many kinds of spiritual practitioners: Some recite the sutras; some worship God; some do penance; and some do good deeds to earn merits. They all aim to attain the Truth.  But the one who can attain the highest level is someone who gets initiation from and has faith in an enlightened Master, the manifestation of God who is sent by God. If one tries by gaining wisdom and doing good deeds, one can also break the reincarnation cycle, but the one who attains the ultimate wisdom is someone who has complete faith in his or her Master, who follows the Master’s instructions, and who has no doubt in his or her mind.”

Some people don’t meditate enough, so they’re too slow to reach a  breakthrough, and then they keep staying at the “doubting level.”  Such people are in danger, and they could “lose their lives.” The better one practices the stronger one’s faith is, and the stronger one’s faith is the better one practices. The worse one practices the weaker one’s faith is, and the weaker one’s faith is the worse one practices. Therefore, if we feel that our faith is not strong enough, we should know that we’re still in a “dangerous zone,” and we need to escape quickly! We need to practice diligently, go to group meditation more often, pay attention to Master’s teachings, and pray every day so that we can quickly escape from that dangerous corner.