00518-4 Spiritual Practice Is a Competition Counted by Seconds
00518-4 Spiritual Practice Is a Competition Counted by Seconds
No. 00518-4
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Retreat
Event date / 19890214-18
Place / Hsihu,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 62
Publication No. / CD-mp3-CR05
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  • Summary

Supreme Master Qing Hai takes the example of Olympic Games to tell us that spiritual practice is a competition counted by seconds, we should not be Mr. “Just so so”.. We should train ourselves to be humble and unattached. Don't keep struggling or arguing for anything, or compete with Master to see if she would scold me. There’s no such struggling language in Buddha’s realm. We cannot say, ‘I’m almost Buddha so please let me go up there!’ This sort of competitive atmosphere only exists in the mundane world. To attain Buddhahood, we should put down those naïve, childish, and old womanish argument. The process of following Master is counted by seconds. When you are there, you are there. You cannot say “almost there”. ”Almost” means you are still outside, because we want to attain Buddhahood and get liberation in one life time! This is the difference.

We must become Buddha and the best and most perfect human being if we learn from Buddha’s teaching. Don’t say other methods or teachers are not as strict as us, they have nothing to do with us. . When kid play outside, they don’t count that accurately h; but when it comes to the Olympics, it's no children’s game at all, but a competition counted by seconds. It’s finished when you reach the finishing line; it’s not when you don’t. Don’t say almost finished. So other methods, Masters or the almost-the-same ‘Guan Yin Method’are far from ours! Our Guan Yin Method is like a large ship that is able to take people to the other shore . We can pull up the one who’s swimming in the sea of sufferings, and take him home because we have a ship ; but other methods can only give him a piece of wood , which feels like saving his life , but it only postpones his death in the end . That is where the difference lies.


                          Supreme Master Ching Hai's lectures are not a complete meditation instruction.Please do not try alone.