01873 Listening Inwardly To Our Self-Nature
01873 Listening Inwardly To Our Self-Nature
No. 01873
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 20000505
Place / Taoyuan,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 95
Publication No. / CD-CL02 DVD-692
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  • Summary

As the Buddhist doctrines say, "Put down the butcher's knife, and become a Buddha immediately." This does not mean that we have to wait until we put down the butcher's knife to become a Buddha. No! We only need to turn within and "listen inwardly to our self-nature", then we will immediately behold our Buddha Nature.
We have read many scriptures and heard about "listening inwardly to our self-nature", but we do not know how and why. Why don't we say "look inwardly", or "touch inwardly", or "feel inwardly," instead of "listen inwardly"? It is because we really can hear It! We do not listen with our ears, but with our hearts; we can really hear our self-nature! Why do we say "listen"? It is because there is music; there are Buddha's teachings; there is inner heavenly music...that sends our souls soaring and elevates us happily to the Buddha's Land. Therefore, the Buddha said that we must "listen inwardly to our self-nature".

Topics addressed

How should spiritual practitioners regard wealth and make it meaningful?
How can we overcome pessimistic thoughts and the fear of insecurity?
How can we bring greater harmony into our marriage?
Why are people who have experienced heaven reluctant to return to earth?
For couples either "married" or "just living together", what attitude should they observe to avoid violating the precept of "sexual misconduct"?
Do you think it is right for a country to enforce "death penalty"?
Do you know why the police in the UK do not carry guns?
For people having a dual character, one bright and one dark, how do they practice spiritually?
Can homosexuals also practice spiritually to become Buddhas?
Why does Master emphasize that our future blessings and karma lie in our own hands?