01930 Master's Transmation Body
01930 Master's Transmation Body
No. 01930
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Group Meditation
Event date / 20020512
Place / Florida Center,U.S.A.
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 96
Publication No. / CD-CG05 DVD-739
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  • Summary

Some fellow initiates see Master’s transcendental body when they meditate at home. Sometimes the transcendental body would talk to them. They don’t just see the transcendental body in their visions, they can also see Her when they open their eyes, like I am seeing you now. They can also shake hands with Master’s transcendental body. The transcendental body we are talking about now is the “outside” body, who can talk to you. It’s a very special case. What you see in meditation belongs to the inner vision. When Master’s transcendental body comes to talk to you, it’s an outer experience of this world. This is the time when She formed a physical body to communicate with you, which is different from the vision in meditation. At such times, She descends from the higher realm. When you see Her in meditation, you ascend to the higher realm. If you can see the transcendental body with your eyes open, it’s the time when She comes down to this world to communicate with you. The person you see right now is the physical Master, who is neither in the higher realm, nor lower realm. This is the realm of “tea party.” (Master and audience laugh.)