00502 What is Maya's Pitfall
00502 What is Maya's Pitfall
No. 00502
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 19890116
Place / Chiayi,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 90
Publication No. / video-33
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     Life after life, we have been cheated by Maya by keeping falling into the traps he set, thus losing many lives. We are bound not only by our karma, but also by our indiscreetly made blessings too. Because when born into this mundane world again without enlightened masters to remind us, we can be immediately  cheated by maya both for our life and soul. Besides, we owe this world a lot, even if we do  all  benevolent things. The air seems to be free, but actually is not; water comes from nature, but it’s not free either. It’s not enough to pay money only. There’s a lot of other things, for example, when we eat  animal’s flesh, Maya counts very clearly, then he would make us pay back every pound of it to the animal with our own flesh. In this way we cannot breakaway from endless sufferings.

     Generally for most people who  have a destiny for spiritual practice, they normally would not be very successful in worldly business. Or even if they  are successful , their hearts are not  attached to fame or fortune. They will fulfill their duty only without paying attention to the social status. They are  honest and do not care about  success  or failure, nor do they compete for  fame and fortune , it’s okay to have them, it doesn’t matter not to have them. These people have  spiritual roots, if they practice, they will quickly achieve Bodhisattva's status since they are very close to that.

We Guan Yin practitioners will surely have wisdom. The more  we  practice, the more we’ll  have it. But we must practice in order to have it, not just to get initiation and everything is okay. Initiation is like  registration p, like registering for college. But if you don’t attend the class after registation, you still cannot  graduate. Similarly, after initiation, you must practice! Master cannot cheat you by saying: it is enough to have master’s blessings and just initiation is enough.