00534 The Wise Choice
00534 The Wise Choice
No. 00534
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Group Meditation
Event date / 19890311&12
Place / Taipei,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 52
Publication No. / CD-CG26
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  • Summary

Master tells interesting stories about the quest for God and reminds us that God is within us. Whatever we pray for, we should try to find it inwardly. Longing for the most beautiful things, we should look within us. Seeking the Almighty Power, we should search inside ourselves. Master also cites stories of Milarepa and other spiritual practitioners of the ancient times, to encourage fellow initiates to learn to be patient. From Master's words of wisdom, we know how to rediscover our innocent qualities and our own Light, how to distinguish true teachings from false ones and how to raise our children.